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Rating: 5.90/10 from 4000 votes
Tags: flying on an airplane, jumping into the sea
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Persecución muy, muy caliente

Title in Italiano:

Su e giù per i Caraibi

Title in Português:

Perseguição Escaldante


Hot Pursuit

Financially-struggling prep-school senior Danny Bartlett believes that a good education will lead to a prosperous future, so he's focused on studying for his chemistry exam rather than the upcoming spring-break vacation with his girlfriend Lori Cronenberg and her wealthy parents, immediately after the exam.

They've chartered a yacht, The Crystal Slipper, to cruise the Caribbean round-trip from Puerto Rossa to Laguna del Mar. Lori's parents were reluctant to invite Danny, considering him not good enough for her.

Circumstances make Danny decline the invitation at the last minute; then the circumstances change, enabling him to go--just as the Cronenbergs' flight has departed, so they don't know he will try to reach them.

He always seems to be one step behind them and gets into one misadventure after another on his quest. His most profound encounter is with old seadog Mac, who literally shanghais him aboard his cutter, The Albatross. Mac has as much reason to get to The Crystal Slipper as Danny does, but he actually knows the dangers into which they are sailing.

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Hot Pursuit
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Solomon Linda: Performer
Hugo Peretti: Adapted and arranged
The Nylons: Performer
Lessons in Love
Mark King: Writer
Level 42: Performer

User reviews

John King

The soundtrack of Hot Pursuit effectively captures the essence of the Caribbean setting, transporting the audience to a sun-drenched paradise through its vibrant musical themes.

Elizabeth Young

The music in Hot Pursuit complements the on-screen action seamlessly, enhancing key moments and adding depth to the characters' emotions.

Robert Gonzalez

The soundtrack features a diverse range of musical styles, from lively tropical beats to more introspective and emotional melodies, creating a dynamic listening experience.

Deborah Nelson

The music enhances the tension and humor of Danny's misadventures, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. The use of different musical styles and instruments reflects the diverse situations Danny finds himself in, keeping the audience entertained and invested in his journey.

James Williams

The soundtrack of Hot Pursuit perfectly captures the adventurous spirit of the film, with upbeat and energetic compositions that keep the audience engaged.

Linda Nelson

Overall, the soundtrack of Hot Pursuit is a standout feature of the film, enriching the storytelling and immersing the audience in Danny's exciting and unpredictable journey.

Anthony Adams

The soundtrack of Hot Pursuit perfectly captures the adventurous and lighthearted tone of the movie. Each track enhances the scenes and adds to the excitement of Danny's misadventures in trying to reach the Crystal Slipper.

John Williams

The lack of memorable melodies or standout tracks in the soundtrack made it forgettable and easily overshadowed by the action on screen. The music failed to create any lasting impact or enhance the storytelling, leaving me feeling disconnected from the characters and the plot.

John Johnson

The music in Hot Pursuit strikes a perfect balance between lighthearted moments and more intense sequences, adapting to the changing tone of the film with precision.

David Roberts

The compositions in the soundtrack showcase a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, reflecting the dedication of the filmmakers to creating a well-rounded cinematic experience.

Edward Wright

The use of recurring motifs in the soundtrack helps to establish a sense of continuity and cohesion throughout the film, tying together different scenes and plot points.

Timothy Nelson

Overall, the soundtrack of Hot Pursuit is a delightful accompaniment to the film, elevating the storytelling and adding depth to the characters' experiences. It's a soundtrack that I would definitely listen to again, even outside of watching the movie.

Thomas Jones

The soundtrack effectively conveys the sense of urgency and suspense that Danny experiences throughout his misadventures, creating a thrilling atmosphere for the audience.

Susan Johnson

The use of Caribbean-inspired melodies in the soundtrack adds a refreshing and exotic touch to the movie, enhancing the overall experience for the viewers.

Joshua Scott

The emotional depth of the soundtrack shines through in moments of introspection and self-discovery for Danny. The poignant melodies and harmonies beautifully complement the character development, adding a layer of complexity to the story and creating a truly immersive experience for the viewers.

Robert Campbell

The music in Hot Pursuit effectively builds tension and suspense during the thrilling chase scenes. The intense beats and rhythms create a sense of urgency and keep the audience on the edge of their seats as Danny navigates through one obstacle after another.

Richard Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Hot Pursuit perfectly captures the adventurous and mischievous spirit of the film. Each track immerses you in Danny's thrilling quest to reach the Crystal Slipper and adds an extra layer of excitement to the story.

Richard Lewis

I found the soundtrack of Hot Pursuit to be quite underwhelming and generic. The music did not add any emotional depth or excitement to the scenes, making the overall viewing experience feel flat and uninspired.