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Rating: 5.80/10 from 1900 votes
Tags: male chauvinist, boyfriend girlfriend breakup
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Tres camas para un soltero

Title in Italiano:

Due di troppo

Title in Português:

3 Camas para Um Solteirão

Title in Français:

3 lits pour un célibataire

Title in Türk:


Title in Deutsch:

3 lits pour un célibataire


Worth Winning is a story about the wolf Taylor Worth, a handsome man who works as a weatherman on television. He enjoys a great salary, drives a BMW, lives in a fantastic apartment, and owns a countryside house. Taylor has no trouble winning over girls with his charm.

One day, Taylor's best friend and psychologist Ned Broudy, who is married to Claire Broudy and has a three-year-old daughter, proposes a bet to Taylor. The bet involves Taylor's countryside house in exchange for Claire's Picasso painting. Ned challenges Taylor to propose to three women of his choosing, and they must all say yes to him.

Ned selects three women for Taylor to pursue: the sexy American football fan Erin Cooper, who is always surrounded by her friend Tarry Childs and other football players; his wealthy friend Eleanor Larimore, who is unhappily married; and the demanding and intellectual classical pianist Veronica Briskow.

Taylor agrees to the bet, but when he falls in love and proposes for real to one of the selected women, he decides to call off the bet. However, the question remains: what will happen when the other two women discover the truth?

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Worth Winning
John Elefante: Performer
Dwight Twilley: Writer
All of My Days
Angie Rubin: Writer
Angie Rubin: Producer
N'Dea Davenport: Performer
Liz Story: Writer
Worth Winning
Liz Story: Writer
The Fashion Show
Grace Jones: Performer
Bruce Woolley: Writer
We've Only Just Begun
Paul Williams: Writer
The Carpenters: Performer
Etude Opus 25 #2
Frédéric Chopin: Writer
Vlado Perlemuter: Performer
We've Only Just Begun
Paul Williams: Performer

User reviews

Edward Jones

The soundtrack of Worth Winning perfectly captures the romantic and comedic tones of the movie, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Margaret Davis

The soundtrack features a diverse range of genres, from upbeat pop tunes to melodic classical pieces, catering to a wide audience and keeping the film engaging throughout.

Edward Green

The diverse selection of songs in the soundtrack of Worth Winning complements the various moods and settings of the movie, from romantic moments to comedic scenes. The music enriches the overall viewing experience and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Karen Taylor

The soundtrack of Worth Winning perfectly captures the playful and charming essence of Taylor Worth's character. The upbeat and catchy tunes add a fun and lighthearted touch to the romantic comedy storyline.

Linda Evans

The compositions did not effectively enhance the storytelling or create a memorable atmosphere. Instead, they felt like background noise that did not leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Jennifer Miller

Overall, I was disappointed with the soundtrack of Worth Winning as it failed to elevate the viewing experience and fell short of delivering a compelling musical accompaniment to the story.

Sarah Martinez

The choice of songs in the soundtrack complements the character development and storyline, adding depth to each of the female characters Taylor pursues.

Melissa Adams

I found the soundtrack of Worth Winning to be lacking in originality and emotional depth. The music felt generic and uninspired, failing to capture the complexity of the characters and their relationships.

Patricia Wilson

The musical cues are well-timed and help build tension or create a sense of anticipation, heightening the drama and comedy in key moments of the movie.

Emily Roberts

The music in Worth Winning effectively sets the tone for the different romantic pursuits of Taylor, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere throughout the film. Each track enhances the emotional depth of the characters and their relationships.

Susan Thompson

On the other hand, I found some of the musical choices in the Worth Winning soundtrack to be a bit cliché and predictable. While the songs fit the scenes they were paired with, they lacked originality and failed to leave a lasting impression. I was hoping for more unique and memorable tracks that could have elevated the emotional impact of key moments in the film.

Dorothy Jackson

The musical score effectively sets the mood for different scenes, from lighthearted moments to more emotional ones, showcasing the versatility of the composers.

Emily Garcia

Overall, the soundtrack of Worth Winning is a standout element of the film, contributing to its charm and making it a memorable viewing experience for audiences.

Donna Wright

One aspect of the Worth Winning soundtrack that stood out to me was its ability to capture the light-hearted and comedic tone of the film. The upbeat and playful music added a layer of fun to the scenes, enhancing the overall viewing experience. It complemented the romantic comedy elements well, creating a cheerful and engaging atmosphere.