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Rating: 6.90/10 from 7800 votes
Tags: julien donkey boy character, window blinds, childbirth
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Julien Donkey-Boy

Title in Italiano:

Julien Donkey-Boy

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Julien Donkey-Boy

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Julien Donkey-Boy

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Julien Donkey-Boy

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Julien Donkey-Boy


"O, mio babbino caro" plays as a woman skates gracefully. In contrast, little is graceful and daddy is not dear in Julien's world. His father listens to blues wearing a gas mask; dad prods, lectures, and derides Julien as well as Julien's brother and pregnant sister, while grandma attends to her dog. Julien is different, schizophrenic. He wears gold teeth. He bowls, sings, worships, and chats with a group of young adults with disabilities. His sister's child is probably his own. He talks on the phone, imagining it's his mother, who died in childbirth years before. He may be a murderer of children. From his point of view (perhaps), the film follows this odd family for a few weeks.

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Julien Donkey-Boy
O, mio babbino caro
Giacomo Puccini: From "gianni schicchi" composed
Brussels Philharmonic: Performer
Happy Days
Jim O'Rourke: Writer
String Quartet in F Major, op. 96, 1st Movement (American)
Antonín Dvorák: Composer
The Takács Quartet: Performer
5 Bagatelles, Op. 47, 1st Movement
Antonín Dvorák: Composer
The Takács Quartet: Performer
Soft Ash
Darrin Verhagen: Writer
Alan Lamb: Writer
Compassion for M
David Pajo: Writer
I Got You (I Feel Good)
James Brown: Writer
On the Beautiful Blue Danube
Johann Strauss: Composer
Euphemia Allen: Performer

User reviews

Steven Jones

The incorporation of blues music when Julien's father appears wearing a gas mask adds a layer of unease to the scenes involving the dysfunctional family dynamics.

James Jackson

The use of sound in the film is unconventional and experimental, mirroring the unconventional storytelling and character development.

Anthony Turner

The sound design in the film enhances the sense of isolation and madness experienced by Julien, reflecting his internal struggles and schizophrenia.

Kimberly Scott

The music in the film perfectly complements the chaotic and surreal atmosphere of Julien's world. The eerie combination of sounds and melodies adds depth to the character's inner turmoil and struggles, making the viewing experience truly immersive.

Stephanie Thomas

The incorporation of blues music in scenes with Julien's father wearing a gas mask adds a unique and unsettling atmosphere to the film's sound design.

Donna Baker

The haunting melodies and unconventional choices in the soundtrack of Julien Donkey-Boy contribute to the overall surreal and immersive experience of the film.

Thomas White

The use of classical opera music like O, mio babbino caro felt out of place and distracting in a film that delves into such dark and disturbing themes.

Richard Thomas

The soundtrack of Julien Donkey-Boy felt disjointed and jarring, failing to create a cohesive atmosphere or emotional connection with the characters.

Sarah Lopez

The music choices effectively convey the sense of unease and discomfort that permeates the entire film, adding to the overall sense of disorientation.

Donald Roberts

The variety of music genres used in the soundtrack, from opera to blues, enhances the storytelling by reflecting the diverse emotions and experiences of the characters.

Melissa Gonzalez

The soundtrack helps to immerse the viewer in Julien's world, making us feel the same sense of confusion and turmoil that he experiences.

Susan Brown

Overall, the soundtrack did little to enhance the viewing experience or evoke any meaningful emotions, leaving me feeling disconnected from the story and characters.

Donald King

One of the most striking aspects of the soundtrack is how it mirrors Julien's fragmented psyche. The eclectic mix of genres and styles reflects his multifaceted personality, from moments of tenderness to moments of darkness, creating a dynamic and engaging auditory experience.

Nancy Thompson

The soundtrack of Julien Donkey-Boy is hauntingly beautiful, capturing the essence of the characters' complex emotions. The use of O, mio babbino caro during the skating scene creates a poignant contrast that resonates with the audience.

Emily Campbell

Overall, the soundtrack of Julien Donkey-Boy is a vital component of the film's atmosphere, enhancing the viewer's experience and understanding of the story.

Lisa Carter

The soundtrack effectively captures Julien's inner world and struggles with schizophrenia through a mix of eerie and emotional musical themes.

Mary Mitchell

The use of classical music, such as O, mio babbino caro, creates a stark contrast with the dark and disturbing themes of the movie.

William Anderson

The soundtrack of Julien Donkey-Boy is haunting and eerie, perfectly capturing the unsettling atmosphere of the film.

Thomas Gonzalez

The music serves as a powerful tool to convey emotions and themes that are difficult to put into words, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.

James Green

The use of O, mio babbino caro during the woman's graceful skating scene creates a poignant and contrasting moment in the soundtrack.