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Rating: 6.70/10 from 67000 votes
Tags: radioactive contamination
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

K-19: The Widowmaker

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Title in Português:

K-19: O Fazedor de Viúvas


At the height of the Cold War with both superpowers on edge, the Soviets hastily launch their state-of-the-art but untried nuclear submarine, K-19, despite the objection of the craft's committed commander, Mikhail Polenin.

With the uncompromising Captain Alexei Vostrikov in full command of the mission, the K-19 begins its maiden voyage, pushing both the submarine's capabilities and the crew's loyalty to their limits.

However, the men are in for a shocking discovery, as the vessel's leaking nuclear reactor threatens to endanger not only their lives but to trigger a devastating World War III.

Are the men prepared to put their lives on the line?

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K-19: The Widowmaker
Eugène Pottier: Lyrics
Pierre Degeyter: Performer
Gerhard Trede: Writer
War Agitato
Jack Shaindlin: Writer
Igor Tuhmanov: Writer
Moonlight Sonata
Selections from 'Voices of Light'
Richard Einhorn: ("victory at orleans", "interrogation", "abjuration", "relapse", "karitas", "the final walk") composed
Selections from 'Voices of Light'

User reviews

Patricia Carter

The use of traditional Russian instruments in the soundtrack adds an authentic touch to the film, enhancing the sense of realism and immersing the viewers in the Soviet setting of the story.

Emily Carter

The emotional depth of the music in key scenes, such as when the crew faces the imminent threat of the nuclear reactor meltdown, creates a strong connection with the characters and intensifies the sense of danger and urgency.

Mary Smith

The soundtrack expertly builds tension as the submarine's nuclear reactor begins to leak, creating a palpable sense of dread and impending disaster.

Carol Mitchell

The use of haunting melodies and dramatic orchestration enhances the sense of danger and urgency faced by the crew of the K-19, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the film.

Charles Jones

The music reflects the inner struggles and bravery of the characters as they confront the harrowing reality of a potential nuclear disaster, evoking a range of emotions from fear to determination, making it a standout element of the film that stays with the audience long after the credits roll.

Melissa Jones

The soundtrack's evocative melodies and stirring orchestrations elevate the film beyond a simple action thriller, infusing it with depth and resonance.

Charles Miller

Carol Thompson

The composer's skillful use of motifs and themes helps to unify the score, creating a cohesive and memorable musical experience that enhances the storytelling.

Laura Green

The haunting melodies and powerful orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack perfectly convey the sense of impending danger and sacrifice faced by the crew of the K-19 submarine, creating a gripping and immersive viewing experience.

Betty Lee

The music effectively conveys the internal conflict between the committed commander, Mikhail Polenin, and the uncompromising Captain Alexei Vostrikov, adding depth to the characters' struggles.

Joseph Garcia

The emotional depth of the music allows the audience to connect with the characters on a deeper level, eliciting empathy and understanding for their difficult decisions and sacrifices.

Sarah King

The dynamic range of the soundtrack, from quiet moments of reflection to intense action sequences, keeps the audience engaged and invested in the unfolding drama.