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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Karz: The Burden of Truth

Title in Italiano:

Karz: The Burden of Truth

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Karz: The Burden of Truth


Savitri Devi lives a wealthy lifestyle with her husband. Her attempts to expose the criminal activities of gangster Yograj are fertile and to retaliate Yograj rapes her instead, which results in her being pregnant. Savitri wants to abort this child but there are complications which lead to the child's birth. She keeps him but doesn't shower him with mother affection; she gives all her love to her younger son Raja. Soon she leaves the city and the child is adopted by Balwant, an industrialist. After the incident with Savitri, Yograj is believed to be dead according to police record. The child, Suraj, grows up to be a wealthy businessman. He meets with his brother Raja, and after a few misunderstandings they become friends. Suraj is in love with Sapna, but he decides to step aside when he find out that Raja is fascinated by her; instead, he turns to alcohol. Chaos ensues when Savitri identifies politician Thakur as Yograj, forcing Suraj to start investigating. What he discovers will change lives forever.

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Karz: The Burden of Truth
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