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Losers' Club


Kaan and Mete, co-hosts of a mid 1990s radio show called Kaybedenler Kulübü (Losers' Club), struggle to deal with their daily lives after their show becomes an instant hit. Kaan meets Zeynep, the girl of his dreams, but their relationship comes under pressure as the show continues to stir controversy and attract fans from every segment of Istanbul society.

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Kaybedenler Kulübü
Art School Wannabe
You Used To Say (Holy Fuck)
Alligator Skin Boots
Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine
Your Graduation
Edward 40hands
Get Bummed Out
Not For Me
Dinner Date
Die Alone
Hold Open My Head
I Feel Exhausted
Tom Quad
Your Deep Rest
Wrong Side Of The Road
James Onder: Writer
Can Gox: Performer
Can Gox:
Melancholy Man
The Moody Blues: Performer
Michael Pinder: Writer