La mujer de Benjamín Soundtrack (

La mujer de Benjamín Soundtrack (1991) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La mujer de BenjamÃn

Title in Italiano:

La donna di Benjamin

Title in Português:

A Mulher de Benjamin

Title in Français:

La mujer de Benjamín

Title in Türk:

La mujer de Benjamín

Title in Deutsch:

La mujer de Benjamín


Old bachelor Benjamín (López Rojas) still lives with his sister Micaela (Doria) in the boredom of a small town. His only entertainment is hanging out with a bunch of old people and playing like children in his spare time. Benjamin falls in love with the beautiful and young Natividad (Ramírez). First, she writes him love letters. So when this strategy fails, Benjamin and her old men plan to kidnap her and wait for her to fall in love with her.

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