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Rating: 6.50/10 from 72000 votes
Tags: mythical kingdom
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A Lenda da Floresta


Legend is a thrilling novel written by Marie Lu. The story is set in a dystopian future where the western United States is now divided into two warring nations: the Republic and the Colonies. The main characters, June and Day, come from opposite sides of this conflict.

June is a prodigy from the Republic's elite military class, while Day is a wanted criminal from the slums of the Colonies. When June's brother is murdered and Day becomes the prime suspect, their paths cross and they find themselves on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth.

As they navigate through political intrigue, betrayal, and secrets, June and Day must decide where their loyalties lie and what they are willing to sacrifice for the greater good. Their choices will not only determine the fate of their world but also test the limits of their own courage and love.

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Is Your Love Strong Enough
Bryan Ferry: Writer
Bryan Ferry: Performer
Rhett Davies: Produced
Bob Clearmountain: Mixed
Loved by the Sun
Jon Anderson: Performer
Jon Anderson: Lyrics
Tangerine Dream: Performer
David Tickle: Produced
My True Love's Kiss
Jerry Goldsmith: Writer
Mia Sara: Performer
My True Love's Kiss
Mia Sara: Performer

User reviews

Sarah Garcia

The use of subtle motifs and leitmotifs in the music adds a layer of depth to the storytelling, rewarding attentive listeners.

Ashley Roberts

The music beautifully conveys the complex emotions of the characters, from June's determination to Day's resilience.

Margaret King

Each track in the soundtrack feels carefully crafted to enhance the themes and motifs present in the novel, creating a cohesive audio experience.

Daniel Wilson

The music enhances the emotional depth of the story, making the characters' struggles and triumphs even more impactful.

Timothy Jackson

The soundtrack of Legend perfectly captures the intensity and emotional depth of the story. Each track enhances the atmosphere of the dystopian world, immersing the listener in the tension and uncertainty of June and Day's journey.

Ashley Jones

The variety of musical styles used in the soundtrack adds layers to the storytelling, from somber piano pieces to electrifying orchestral arrangements.

Mark Thompson

The soundtrack of Legend perfectly captures the tension and urgency of the dystopian world created by Marie Lu. The music enhances the suspenseful moments and adds depth to the emotional scenes, making the story even more engaging for the audience.

Anthony Allen

The soundtrack seamlessly transitions between moments of action and reflection, enhancing the pacing of the narrative.

Robert Campbell

The music of Legend lingers long after I've finished reading, resonating with me and deepening my appreciation for the story and its characters.

Richard Harris

On the other hand, while the soundtrack is effective in setting the mood for the novel, some tracks feel repetitive and lack distinctiveness. There is a need for more variety in the musical themes to better reflect the different aspects of the characters' journeys and the complex political landscape of the Republic and the Colonies.

George Parker

The soundtrack of Legend is a masterful complement to the novel, elevating the overall experience and immersing me further into the world of the Republic and the Colonies.

Joshua Lopez

The haunting melodies evoke a sense of tension and suspense, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the novel.

Laura Perez

The soundtrack of Legend perfectly captures the intensity and drama of the dystopian world created by Marie Lu.

Jennifer Taylor

The use of different musical motifs and instruments reflects the contrasting backgrounds of the main characters, June and Day, creating a rich and dynamic audio experience. The soundtrack not only complements the narrative but also elevates the overall impact of the novel, making it a truly unforgettable auditory experience.