Les chemins du coeur Soundtrack (

Les chemins du coeur Soundtrack (1997) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La aurora boreal

Title in Italiano:

L'aurora boreale

Title in Português:

Northern Lights


A stranger's call informs Roberta (Diane Keaton) that her estranged brother Frank has died in a small town under bizarre circumstances. Ben, his best friend from college, also gets the call.

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Les chemins du coeur
Pitch the Baby
The Moon Nocturnal
Hounds Of Love - 2018 Remaster
There's More to Life Than This - Live Version
Судно (Борис Рижий)
Blood Red Moon
Seven Devils
Heads Gonna Roll
Sun & Moon - Remastered
Tastes Good With The Money
Bark Like a God
Bite The Hand
Born Confused
I Want You To Love Me
I Like That
Blue Ridge (Intro)
Otis Blackwell: Writer
What'll I Do
Irving Berlin: Writer
Artie Butler: Arranged for ms. keaton
Diane Keaton: Performer