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Rating: 5.20/10 from 6500 votes
Tags: child as adult, serum
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

De tal astilla, tal palo

Title in Italiano:

Tale padre tale figlio

Title in Português:

Tal Pai, Tal Filho

Title in Français:

Mon père c'est moi

Title in Türk:

Mon père c'est moi

Title in Deutsch:

Mon père c'est moi


Like Father Like Son is a heartwarming story about a father and son who switch bodies and learn to understand each other in a whole new way.

The father, Jack, is a workaholic who is always too busy for his son, Ben. Ben, on the other hand, feels neglected and wishes his father would spend more time with him.

One day, a magical event causes Jack and Ben to switch bodies. As they navigate each other's lives, they begin to see things from a different perspective. Jack realizes the importance of spending time with his son, while Ben learns to appreciate the sacrifices his father makes for their family.

Through this unexpected twist of fate, Jack and Ben come to understand each other in a way they never thought possible. They learn to communicate better, support each other, and ultimately strengthen their bond as father and son.

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Like Father Like Son
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User reviews

Charles Martinez

The soundtrack of Like Father Like Son felt repetitive and uninspired to me. The same musical themes seemed to play over and over again, failing to capture the emotional depth of the father-son relationship portrayed in the story.

Matthew Young

The emotional depth of the Like Father Like Son soundtrack perfectly captures the heartfelt journey of Jack and Ben's relationship.

Jennifer White

The music perfectly complements the heartwarming and uplifting message of the film, emphasizing the importance of family bonds and communication.

Margaret Taylor

The melodies and harmonies in the soundtrack linger long after the movie ends, leaving a lasting impression of the profound journey of growth and understanding between Jack and Ben.

John Hernandez

The soundtrack's use of different musical themes for Jack and Ben's perspectives effectively conveys their individual struggles and eventual understanding of each other.

Edward Carter

The composition of the music is so evocative that it easily draws the audience into the emotional core of the father-son narrative.

Stephanie Roberts

The soundtrack beautifully showcases the transformation of Jack and Ben's relationship, from distant and strained to close-knit and supportive.

George Martin

I found the musical choices in Like Father Like Son to be mismatched with the tone of the film. Some scenes that required a heartwarming or touching score were accompanied by jarring or discordant music, which took away from the overall viewing experience and emotional impact of the story.

Amanda Adams

William Lopez

The music enhances the storytelling in a way that brings out the poignant moments of connection and growth between the father and son characters.

Brian Mitchell

Each track in the soundtrack seems tailor-made to evoke specific emotions, making the viewing experience of Like Father Like Son even more impactful.