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Rating: 6.20/10 from 4700 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Lost in London

Title in Italiano:

Lost in London

Title in Português:

Perdido em Londres


Lost in London is a thrilling story about a young woman named Sarah who finds herself stranded in the bustling city of London after missing her train back home. As she navigates the unfamiliar streets and tries to find her way back, she encounters a series of unexpected challenges and adventures.

With no phone and no money, Sarah must rely on her wits and resourcefulness to survive in this unfamiliar environment. Along the way, she meets a cast of colorful characters who help her in her quest to find her way back home.

As Sarah delves deeper into the heart of London, she discovers hidden secrets and uncovers a mystery that could change her life forever. Will she be able to find her way back home, or will she be forever Lost in London?

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Lost in London LIVE
Lose It
Without You
Body Gold
High On Humans
Breathe Life
Another Love
Only Love
I Forget Where We Were
Let It Go
Move Together
All I Want
Skinny Love
Latch - Acoustic
Take Me to Church
Dancing On My Own
Somebody Else
Loving Life
Walking Away
Want You Back
Technicolour Beat
We Can Work It Out - Live In New York
Do I Wanna Know? - Live At the BBC / 2015
Oats In The Water
Surprise Yourself
Night Bus
For You
I'll Be Good
Mountain at My Gates
Don't Forget About Me
Life On Earth
In The End
Magnetised - Acoustic
Need The Sun To Break
Love Like This - Acoustic
Above The Clouds Of Pompeii
No Other Way
Say Something Loving
On Hold
Better Love - From The Legend of Tarzan - Single version
One Day
Give Yourself A Try
Promises (with Sam Smith)
Too Good At Goodbyes
Stay With Me
Lay Me Down

User reviews

Anthony Jackson

The soundtrack skillfully mirrors Sarah's emotions and struggles, making her journey relatable and impactful for the listeners.

Ronald Jackson

The soundtrack of Lost in London LIVE perfectly captures the essence of Sarah's journey through the bustling city, creating a sense of urgency and adventure.

Margaret Lopez

The diverse range of musical styles in the soundtrack reflects the eclectic mix of characters Sarah encounters along her journey. Each track adds depth and emotion to the story, making the audience feel more connected to Sarah's experiences.

Deborah King

The soundtrack of Lost in London LIVE failed to capture the emotional depth and intensity of Sarah's journey through the bustling streets of London. The music felt generic and uninspired, missing the opportunity to enhance the storytelling and immerse the audience in Sarah's struggles.

Laura Lopez

The use of orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack creates a cinematic feel, adding drama and tension to key moments in the story. The music effectively heightens the suspense and keeps viewers engaged throughout the film.

Donna Perez

The music beautifully reflects Sarah's emotional depth and growth as she navigates the unfamiliar streets and uncovers hidden secrets in London. The haunting melodies and uplifting rhythms evoke a sense of suspense, mystery, and hope, making the soundtrack a vital component in bringing Sarah's captivating story to life.

David Jones

The music not only enhances the on-screen action but also stands on its own as a captivating and enjoyable listening experience.

Michelle Miller

Overall, the soundtrack of Lost in London LIVE is a standout feature of the film, elevating the storytelling and enhancing the audience's emotional connection to Sarah's journey.

George Harris

The music enhances the storytelling by evoking emotions of suspense and intrigue as Sarah navigates through unexpected challenges and encounters colorful characters.

Charles Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Lost in London LIVE successfully transports the listeners to the vibrant streets of London, immersing them in Sarah's quest to find her way back home.

Charles Thomas

Overall, the soundtrack of Lost in London LIVE is a masterful work of art that elevates the storytelling and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Michelle Green

The soundtrack of Lost in London LIVE perfectly captures the essence of Sarah's adventurous journey through the bustling city of London. Each track immerses you in the heart-pounding moments of her unexpected challenges and encounters with colorful characters, enhancing the storytelling experience.

Susan Young

Each track in the soundtrack complements the scenes in the story, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for the listeners.

David Jones

The soundtrack of Lost in London LIVE perfectly captures the essence of Sarah's thrilling journey through the bustling city. The music enhances the sense of urgency and adventure as she navigates the unfamiliar streets.

Susan Wilson

The lack of variety in musical styles and tones made the soundtrack of Lost in London LIVE feel monotonous and repetitive. It failed to reflect the diverse experiences and encounters Sarah faced during her adventure, leaving the audience disconnected from the character's emotional journey.

Margaret Nelson

The use of different musical styles and instruments adds depth and richness to the overall atmosphere of the story, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

Robert Allen

The melodies and rhythms in the music enhance the pacing of the narrative, building tension and excitement in all the right moments.

Sarah Hernandez

The overall production quality of the soundtrack for Lost in London LIVE was disappointing, with subpar mixing and mastering that detracted from the overall viewing experience. The sound levels were inconsistent, with some tracks overpowering the dialogue and others fading into the background, disrupting the flow of the storytelling.