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Metal Gear Solid

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Metal Gear Solid

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Metal Gear Solid


Coming out of retirement, super-soldier Solid Snake is called back into the line of duty to take on rogue members of FOXHOUND, threatening to launch nuclear-weapons on the White House unless they receive their $1 billion ransom. With only 24-houts to sabotage FOXHOUND's threat, Snake must infiltrate enemy lines, hide from them when necessary and he'll face many challenges along the way: the demons of his past will challenge him and his will as a soldier shall be tested, as Snake fights to save the world from nuclear devastation.

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Metal Gear Solid
The Best Is Yet to Come
Rika Muranaka: Writer
Philip Begley: Recorded at beech park studio, ireland engineered
David Downes: Additional choral arrangement
Main Theme
Tappi Iwase: Performer