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Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries is set in swinging '60s Melbourne, where the gorgeously reckless Peregrine Fisher inherits a windfall when the famous aunt she never knew, Phryne Fisher, goes missing over the highlands of New Guinea.

Detective James Steed is a smart, ambitious cop constantly hamstrung by the rigid leadership of his immoral boss but respectful of the hierarchy. Instantly attracted to Peregrine, he's dazzled by her audacity and often drawn into her mad plans.

With a mind like a steel trap, and ex-member of WW2 Special Forces, Birdie is the 'M' of The Adventuresses' operation and club president. A tough woman of high expectations, she recognises the '60s are changing and they need new blood - but having Peregrine under her wing is also a way of staying connected to the old friend she misses desperately.

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Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries
Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries
Please Mr Postman
The Cha-cha-cha
(Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry
Stand There
Yes Indeed
Claudette Jones (1966)
I'm Ready
Hangin Five
Mama's Gone to Sleep Again
Blues At Twilight
Everybody's Got a Baby
I'm the Wolfman
Just to Be in Love
The Wild One (Real Wild Child - U.S. Version)
That Happy Feeling
Tea-plucking and Catching Butterflies
Yes! We Have No Bananas - Remastered
Yum Yum
Many Things (Previously Unissued 60's Recording)

User reviews

David Brown

The soundtrack of Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries perfectly captures the essence of the swinging '60s Melbourne setting, with a blend of jazzy tunes and upbeat melodies that transport you back in time.

Deborah Lewis

The music didn't seem to match the energetic and vibrant setting of swinging '60s Melbourne. I was expecting more upbeat and lively tracks to enhance the atmosphere, but instead, the soundtrack felt flat and out of place.

Kenneth Lopez

Overall, the soundtrack of Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries is a standout aspect of the series, enriching the storytelling and immersing viewers in the world of Peregrine Fisher and her adventures in '60s Melbourne.

Kenneth Davis

The music enhances the dynamic relationships between the characters, particularly the tension and chemistry between Peregrine and Detective James Steed. The emotional depth conveyed through the soundtrack elevates the scenes and keeps me engaged in their evolving connection.

Mark Clark

The soundtrack of Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries perfectly captures the essence of the swinging '60s Melbourne setting with its jazzy and upbeat tunes. It adds a layer of sophistication to the show's atmosphere and enhances the overall viewing experience.

Timothy Phillips

The soundtrack's versatility shines through, seamlessly transitioning from moments of tension and mystery to lighthearted and playful scenes, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Emily Wright

The use of music in key moments of the show helps build tension and suspense, keeping viewers engaged and on the edge of their seats. The soundtrack complements the action on screen and adds depth to the characters' emotions and motivations.

Melissa Turner

The music enhances the suspense and intrigue of the series, creating a dynamic atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the episodes.

Steven Allen

The jazzinfused soundtrack beautifully complements the intrigue and mystery of the show, adding an extra layer of sophistication and suspense to each episode. The music not only sets the mood but also enhances the overall viewing experience, making it a delight for the ears and the soul.

Amanda Evans

Each character's theme music is expertly crafted to reflect their personalities and motivations, adding depth and dimension to the storytelling.

Carol Mitchell

The music selection in the series effectively sets the mood for the detective drama, blending elements of mystery and intrigue with a touch of retro charm. It creates a nostalgic feeling that transports the audience back to the era of classic detective stories.

Dorothy Hernandez

I was disappointed by the lack of memorable themes or standout pieces in the soundtrack. None of the music stood out to me or added any emotional depth to the scenes, leaving me feeling disconnected from the characters and their stories.

Robert Harris

I found the soundtrack of Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries to be quite repetitive and uninspiring. The same jazzy tunes seemed to play over and over again, making the viewing experience monotonous.

Lisa Moore

The soundtrack of Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries perfectly captures the essence of the swinging '60s Melbourne setting with its catchy and upbeat tunes. Each track immerses me in the era and adds a layer of authenticity to the storytelling.