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Sex-mad Destiny is on cloud nine when her new boyfriend Archie cannot get enough with her. However she feels betrayed when she discovers that Gary has paid his owner and this is a stud dog,brought in to get her pregnant. Nelson's French pen-friend Christian arrives but behaves very oddly,showing mood swings and frothing at the mouth. He has rabies. Nelson believes he has caught it but his test samples got mixed up and the real sufferer is Archie,putting paid to Gary's little plan. Having survived a pigeon cull Kali plans revenge by creating a super-beast to take over the world,a pigeox, a cross between a pigeon and a fox.

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"Mongrels" Kali the Genetic Engineer
Danger Zone
Giorgio Moroder: Writer
Kenny Loggins: Performer
Je t'aime... moi non plus
Serge Gainsbourg: Writer
Jane Birkin: Performer