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Coming of age, on a Barcelona beach, during an eventful week: Nico arrives at Dani's for part of the summer. Dani's parents are away, Nico is keen to lose his virginity, and Dani, who's been Nico's friend since grammar school, wants time only with Nico.

Dani's plans to hunt and fish are waylaid when Nico catches the eye of Elena and her cousin Berta. He wants to go to the beach with the girls, cook them dinner, and make love to at least one of them. Dani wants social and physical contact with Nico.

Watching from a short distance are Sonia, Dani's tutor, and Julian, a gay writer, who picks up Dani's vibes. Can Nico and Dani sort out friendship as well as their mixed desires?

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Nico and Dani
Where My Friends Are Gone
Jordi Herrera: Writer
In 1998
Jordi Herrera: Writer
Thank You
Jorge Muñoz Cobo: Composer
Ser una chica
Myriam Mézières: Performer
Paul Fuster: Performer
Paul Fuster: Writer
Jeff At The Window
Jordi Prats: Composer
I Don't Care
Lost Train
Joan Díaz: Pt. 1 & 2
El Gordo
Krampack (Títulos Finales)
Georges Bizet: (extracts) composed

User reviews

Carol Hill

The soundtrack's seamless integration with the on-screen action enhances the audience's connection to the characters' experiences and inner turmoil.

Mark Wilson

The soundtrack of Nico and Dani perfectly captures the carefree and adventurous spirit of youth, enhancing the coming-of-age theme of the film.

Richard Williams

The soundtrack of Nico and Dani strikes a balance between introspective moments and lively scenes, reflecting the characters' emotional growth.

Susan Taylor

The music selection in Nico and Dani creates a nostalgic and bittersweet atmosphere that resonates with the coming-of-age theme of the film.

Elizabeth Hernandez

The soundtrack of Nico and Dani felt disconnected from the emotional depth of the characters' coming-of-age journey on a Barcelona beach. The music failed to enhance the evolving dynamics between Nico and Dani, making the scenes feel less impactful.

Steven Nelson

The music in Nico and Dani serves as a powerful storytelling tool, enriching the narrative and deepening the audience's engagement with the film.

William Perez

The music enhances the tension and excitement of the storyline as Nico and Dani navigate their evolving friendship and desires.

Carol Martinez

The soundtrack of Nico and Dani perfectly captures the carefree and adventurous spirit of youth on a Barcelona beach.

Richard Mitchell

The choice of songs in the film's soundtrack often felt generic and uninspired, lacking the unique and vibrant essence of Barcelona's cultural music scene. It missed an opportunity to infuse the story with a more authentic and immersive sense of time and place.

Mark Brown

The eclectic mix of songs in the film's soundtrack reflects the diverse personalities and desires of the characters, creating a rich and immersive atmosphere for the audience.

Edward Evans

The music in Nico and Dani effectively underscores the emotions and conflicts between the characters, adding depth and resonance to their relationships and experiences.

James Rodriguez

The use of Spanish guitar melodies in the soundtrack adds an authentic and immersive layer to the overall viewing experience.

Margaret Thomas

The soundtrack effectively conveys the conflicting emotions of longing, friendship, and youthful passion that the characters experience.

Andrew Hill

The combination of upbeat and mellow tracks in the soundtrack mirrors the ups and downs of the characters' emotional journey.

Sarah Davis

The repetitive use of certain musical motifs throughout the film's soundtrack became monotonous and distracting, taking away from the subtleties of the characters' inner conflicts and personal growth. It failed to add layers of complexity to the narrative, leaving the audience with a sense of musical predictability.

Mark Williams

The use of music in Nico and Dani creates a nostalgic and evocative backdrop for the story, enhancing the overall viewing experience and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Laura Allen

The evocative soundscapes in the film's music transport the viewers to the sun-soaked beaches and vibrant streets of Barcelona.