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Erin Logan lives with and provides for her twin brother Jacob, who is severely affected by autism. After she stumbles into chances for love and friendship, she is forced to confront what it means to have a good life, and whether she can care for her brother and for herself at the same time.

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Devil Town
Read My Mind - Like Rebel Diamonds Mix
I Turn My Camera On
Friday Night Lights Theme Song
Remember Me As A Time Of Day
Gene Autry
With Your Love - Remastered
Your Hand In Mine
Come Back
The Only Moment We Were Alone
New Paths to Helicon, Pt. I
Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean
Look Into The Air
Let's Get Out Of This Country
All This Time
Lost In The Backyard
Everything I Do
Gravity's Gone
Good Ol' USA
Black Door
Glittering Blackness
Yasmin The Light
Saving Grace
Little Fat Baby
Morning Hollow
The Bull and The Goat
Two Hands
Upward Over the Mountain
Backalley Blue
Time Stops - Remastered
Help Me Make You Mine
If I Had A Boat
4 In The Morning
Rock The Boat
Magic Hours - Remastered
Red High Heels
Jesus Christ
Where I Begin
The Light
Political Scientist
Something I Can't Be
Starlite #1
Hope (Tell Everyone)
Have You Passed Through This Night?
I Wanna Love Again
Color Him Father
Vampiring Again
South Wind of Summer
Baby You Got It
Appalachian Lullaby (feat. Nina Persson)
Walk Over Me
The Sands of Iwo Jima
Killed Myself When I Was Young