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Rating: 6.20/10 from 243000 votes
Tags: older man younger woman relationship, female doctor
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Sin compromiso

Title in Italiano:

Amici, amanti e...

Title in Português:

Sexo Sem Compromisso


Occasionally in the 15 years since summer camp, Adam and Emma cross paths. When he discovers that an ex-girlfriend is living with his dad, he gets drunk, calls every woman in his cell phone contact list, and ends up passed out naked in her living room. By this time, she's a medical resident in L.A. and he's a gopher on a "Glee"-like TV series, hoping to be a writer. She guards her emotions (calling her father's funeral "a thing"), so after a quick shag in the moments she has before leaving for the hospital, she asks if he wants a no-strings-attached, sex-only relationship, without romance or complications. A prescription for fun or for disaster?

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No Strings Attached
I Wanna Sex You Up
Bryan Abrams: Writer
Color Me Badd: Performer
Shake Ya Tailfeather
Nelly: Performer
Jayson Koko Bridges: Writer
Ms. Jackson
Outkast: Performer
André 3000: Writer
Don't Cha
CeeLo Green: Writer
Click, Click, Click
Justin Rice: Writer
Bishop Allen: Performer
What Good is a Boy?
Scott Cutler: Produced
Scott Cutler: Writer
Bang, Bang, Bang
Mark Ronson: Performer
Mark Ronson: Writer
99 Problems
Ice-T: Writer
Hugo: Performer
Bossa Nova Baby
Bleeding Love
Take Your Time
Untitled (How Does It Feel)
It's Your Birthday
I Will Let You Go
It Was You
Rhythm of Love
Love Lost
Don't Cha
André 3000: Performer
It's Your Birthday
Kevin Kline: Performer

User reviews

Daniel Campbell

The soundtrack of No Strings Attached perfectly captures the playful and carefree tone of the movie, setting the mood for a fun and light-hearted viewing experience.

Carol Davis

The soundtrack of No Strings Attached perfectly captures the fun and lighthearted tone of the movie, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Richard Young

The music in No Strings Attached enhances the romantic and comedic elements of the story, providing a dynamic and engaging backdrop for the characters' interactions.

Michelle Robinson

The music choices in No Strings Attached effectively reflect the characters' emotions and relationships, adding depth and resonance to key moments in the plot.

Betty Martinez

The music selection in the film complements the emotions and dynamics of the characters' relationships, adding depth and resonance to key moments throughout the storyline.

William Baker

The music selection in No Strings Attached enhances the emotional depth of the characters and their complex relationship dynamics. The songs chosen for key moments in the movie evoke a sense of nostalgia and add an extra layer of depth to the storytelling.

Ronald Rodriguez

The soundtrack includes a mix of familiar hits and lesser-known tracks, creating a diverse and engaging listening experience that complements the on-screen action.

Daniel Hernandez

The soundtrack of No Strings Attached perfectly captures the playful and carefree essence of the movie. The upbeat and energetic songs create a fun atmosphere that complements the light-hearted tone of the film.

Jennifer Allen

The use of upbeat and catchy pop songs in the film's soundtrack adds an energetic and youthful vibe to the story, enhancing the overall entertainment value.

Margaret Lewis

The variety of music genres featured in the soundtrack of No Strings Attached adds a dynamic and engaging element to the overall viewing experience. From pop hits to indie gems, the soundtrack offers a diverse range of musical styles that appeal to a wide audience.

Thomas Martinez

The songs in No Strings Attached help to create a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, evoking a sense of connection with the characters and their experiences.

Melissa Taylor

The soundtrack features a variety of genres and styles, catering to a wide range of musical preferences and enhancing the film's broad appeal.

Margaret Turner

The soundtrack of No Strings Attached failed to enhance the emotional depth of the characters' interactions. The music felt generic and did not add any significant impact to the scenes.

Karen Jackson

I found the song choices to be predictable and uninspiring. The lack of creativity in the soundtrack made it difficult for me to fully engage with the storyline and connect with the characters on a deeper level.

James Miller

Overall, the musical choices in No Strings Attached felt like an afterthought, rather than a carefully curated selection that could elevate the viewing experience. It left me feeling underwhelmed and disconnected from the film's narrative.

Michael Parker

Overall, the soundtrack of No Strings Attached is a well-curated collection of songs that enhances the viewing experience and adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the film.