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Rating: 4.70/10 from 3600 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Los rompecocos

Title in Italiano:

Accademia di rompipalle

Title in Français:

Zip 2

Title in Türk:

Cici Kızlar


Starting a new tradition of sex comedy, T & A High School follows the story of five boys who meet in the detention room thanks to the evil virgin princess Purity Busch.

RICK is dressed as a doctor and gave breast exams to the high school newcomers, while BRENT sexually teased Purity in French class. MELVIN was caught masturbating in the meat locker, HOWIE rearranged the mirrors to see up the skirts of cheerleaders, and TIM was tricked into entering the girls' washroom.

Each one was fooled by Purity and they all want revenge. They make a pact to deflower the virgin, but all have failed. Their only chance is to work together with others in the school to get her at the homecoming game.

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Gonna Get Ya
Terrea Smith: Sung

User reviews

Joshua Hill

The use of retro-inspired tunes in the soundtrack of Screwballs gives the film a nostalgic feel, transporting the audience back to the 80s era of sex comedies. The music enhances the overall atmosphere of the movie, making it a truly enjoyable watch for fans of the genre.

Deborah Perez

The soundtrack's catchy tunes and playful melodies enhance the comedic moments in the film, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for viewers. It truly elevates the overall entertainment value of Screwballs and contributes to its lasting charm.

Brian Scott

Not only did the soundtrack fail to capture the essence of the film, but some of the song choices were downright offensive. The use of upbeat and catchy tunes during scenes that depicted sexual harassment and objectification of women was highly inappropriate and disrespectful. It trivialized serious issues and undermined the already problematic content of the movie.

Richard Johnson

The soundtrack of Screwballs perfectly captures the fun and lighthearted tone of the sex comedy genre. The up-tempo and playful music sets the perfect mood for the mischievous antics of the characters at T & A High School.

Joseph Phillips

The catchy and energetic songs featured in the soundtrack of Screwballs help to drive the plot forward and keep the audience engaged. The music complements the on-screen action and dialogue, creating a cohesive viewing experience that is both entertaining and memorable.

Andrew Nelson

The use of catchy and upbeat songs in key moments of the film enhances the comedic moments and adds to the overall entertainment value of the movie. The soundtrack effectively complements the outrageous and over-the-top situations that the characters find themselves in, creating a memorable viewing experience.

Joshua Green

The soundtrack of Screwballs truly captures the essence of the 80s sex comedy genre, setting the perfect tone for the outrageous and hilarious antics of the characters.

Laura Evans

The soundtrack of Screwballs was a major disappointment for me. The cheesy 80s synth-pop music used throughout the film felt completely out of place and did not enhance the viewing experience at all.

Robert Evans

The soundtrack of Screwballs perfectly captures the lighthearted and comedic tone of the film. The upbeat and playful music sets the mood for the mischievous antics of the characters, adding an extra layer of fun to the story.

Joseph Taylor

The energetic and upbeat music perfectly complements the mischievous and wild escapades of the boys at T & A High School, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to the storyline.