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Rating: 5.90/10 from 1600 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Non ci resta che il crimine

Title in Italiano:

Non ci resta che il crimine

Title in Português:

Non ci resta che il crimine

Title in Français:

Non ci resta che il crimine

Title in Türk:

Non ci resta che il crimine

Title in Deutsch:

Non ci resta che il crimine


Rome, present day. The movie starts with 3 guys in their 40s who try to raise some money acting as tourist guides (unofficial...) for people who are or could be interested into visiting the places where an ancient criminal band named "Banda della Magliana" acted, back in the 80s, handling underwater/illegal betting and such.

Suddenly, via a strange Einstein-Rosen bridge, they are taken to year 1982! It's July and Football World Championship is on everyone's mouth: so, after a bit of initial (but not that much) astonishment, the 3 guys try to turn the events to their own advantage - exploiting their knowledge of the future events (namely, football scores).

But they get involved into the real bad guys from the Banda, really powerful at the times. So, they first risk losing one of them which is held captive because they can't pay an expensive bill in a night club... but somehow are able to gather the needed money and he's set free. But... then he makes the foolish mistake of announcing the soon-to-come scorer of next match... and hence the Bad-guys Boss hires him as his own fortune teller!

Things get somewhat complicated as one of the guys is killed in jealousy hit, the Boss's woman falls in love with one of the guys from the future, and they all are forced into cooperating in a bank robbery... which does not go very well but somehow the three do survive and manage to get back to the Time Portal, not before rescuing the Band Treasure (whose hiding place they know from the future books and trials reports) and placing it in a "safe" place that they will be able to collect in present time.

So they get back to the future and see some changes in their lives, for the best.

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Non ci resta che il crimine
Il crimine
Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life
Body Talk
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Figli Delle Stelle
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Tre Parole
Have a Good Time
Carpe diem

User reviews

Brian Hall

The closing music as the characters return to the present time and witness the positive changes in their lives leaves a lasting impact, tying together the narrative threads with a sense of closure and satisfaction.

Sarah Johnson

The incorporation of Italian cultural elements in the soundtrack adds authenticity to the setting of Rome and the historical context of the Banda della Magliana. The music helps to transport the audience to a specific time and place, enriching the overall viewing experience.

Stephanie Thompson

Overall, the soundtrack of Non ci resta che il crimine is a vital component of the film's success. It effectively sets the mood, enhances the emotional impact of the scenes, and contributes to the overall immersive nature of the story.

Dorothy Evans

The soundtrack of Non ci resta che il crimine was incredibly dynamic and versatile, seamlessly blending elements of suspense, drama, and even humor to match the ever-changing tone of the film. The music truly elevated the viewing experience, adding depth and emotion to key scenes throughout the story.

Charles Smith

The fusion of traditional Italian music with contemporary beats in the soundtrack reflects the blending of past and present themes within the movie, creating a unique and engaging auditory experience.

William Anderson

The soundtrack enhances the emotional depth of the story, especially during moments of loss and betrayal, adding layers of complexity to the characters' relationships.

Michael Lee

The use of music to highlight the tension and suspense in key moments of the film is masterfully done. The soundtrack effectively conveys the sense of danger and unpredictability faced by the characters, adding depth to their experiences.

Dorothy Wilson

The soundtrack's ability to shift seamlessly between different moods and atmospheres, from lighthearted to dramatic, contributes to the overall dynamic pacing of the movie.

Michael Thompson

The soundtrack effectively conveys the evolution of the characters throughout the film, mirroring their personal growth and changes in circumstances through the use of different musical motifs.

Linda Wilson

The use of music to highlight the tension and danger when the characters get involved with the powerful criminals from the Banda della Magliana is incredibly effective, creating a sense of urgency and suspense.

Thomas Nelson

The soundtrack of Non ci resta che il crimine perfectly captures the essence of the movie's time-travel and crime elements. The mix of modern and retro sounds creates a unique atmosphere that enhances the storytelling.

Nancy Garcia

The soundtrack of Non ci resta che il crimine did not effectively capture the essence of the film's time-travel and criminal elements. The music felt generic and uninspired, failing to enhance the tension and drama of key scenes.

Karen Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Non ci resta che il crimine perfectly captures the essence of Rome, both in the present day and in the 1980s, with a blend of modern and retro sounds that enhance the storytelling.

Edward Rodriguez

Furthermore, the use of musical cues during crucial moments felt out of place and distracting, detracting from the overall viewing experience. The soundtrack lacked coherence and failed to establish a consistent tone throughout the movie, leaving a disjointed and underwhelming impression on the audience.

Jennifer Miller

I absolutely loved the atmospheric and immersive quality of the soundtrack in Non ci resta che il crimine. The music perfectly captured the essence of both the present-day Rome setting and the nostalgic 1982 era, enhancing the storytelling and bringing the different time periods to life.

Nancy Anderson

One of the standout aspects of the soundtrack in Non ci resta che il crimine was its ability to create a strong sense of connection between the characters and the audience. The music not only underscored the characters' motivations and emotions but also served as a unifying thread that tied together the various plot points and character arcs, making for a truly engaging and memorable viewing experience.

Donna Smith

The music selection for the scenes involving the bank robbery is particularly thrilling, heightening the adrenaline and excitement of the action sequences.

Donald Scott

The music during the scenes set in the 1980s Football World Championship adds a nostalgic and exciting atmosphere to the movie, immersing the audience in that specific time period.