One-Two-Three Now! Soundtrack (

One-Two-Three Now! Soundtrack (2016) cover

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Tags: eloping
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

One-Two-Three Now!

Title in Italiano:

One-Two-Three Now!

Title in Português:

One-Two-Three Now!


Jeppe falls deeply in love with the mysterious and beautiful girl, Cecilie, from school. But their time is limited as Cecilie is diagnosed with cancer and Jeppe has to balance school, social life and the dream of becoming a professional basket ball player while staying beside Cecilie as this summer may be her last. The story is about life, death, love, time - nothing lasts forever, but if you truly love something, it will never really leave you.

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One-Two-Three Now!
Who's Sorry Now
Swim With Sam
Forever Young
Blurred Lines
Best Things in Life
The Time Has Come
Simple Life
Chains of Love
Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Blue Shoes
A Little Rain Has Never Hurt No One
It's Been A Long, Long Time
Fade (feat. Butterjack)
In Your Arms I Was Somebody
I Think We're Alone Now (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
Love Rush
Don't You Know
Down Again
Hooray! Hooray!
Fun Timers
It's Just A Matter Of Time
Pain in My Heart
I Only Have Eyes for You
Leaving Me
Why Don't You Do Right (Get Me Some Money Too)
Dancing in the Moonlight
Let It Snow - Reprise
Wishes, Horses
A Case Of You
Feeling Good
Get Happy (From "Summer Stock")
Don't Worry Baby - Remastered 2001
Dead As Disco
The Boys Of Summer - live
Song for the Runners Up
Run Free
One of a Kind
Don't Leave Me This Way
Greatest Love of All
You Sexy Thing
You Have Not Been Given Love
Apple Trees & Buzzing Bees
Winterschläfer - reprise
Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)
The Dark Don't Hide It
Little Green
It's A Good Day
Every Breath You Take
I Want to Know What Love Is - 1999 Remaster
Hail Mary - Instrumental
When a Law's Been Broken