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Our Very Own

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Our Very Own

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Our Very Own


Hot, up-and-coming teen stars Jason Ritter, Hilarie Burton, and Autumn Reeser and four-time Emmy® Award-winner Allison Janney head the cast of "Our Very Own," an engaging coming of- age story about believing in your dreams. Itching to leave small-town life in Shelbyville, Tennessee, five friends are sent into a frenzy when they learn that hometown-girl-turned-Hollywood-star Sondra Locke might be returning. Believing that she's their ticket out, they do everything they can to make it happen. 2005's winner of the Bluegrass Independent Film Festival Grand Prize for Best Feature Film and the Rome International Film Festival's Special Jury Prize, "Our Very Own" is a heartwarming, hope-filled story about the power of friendship, family, and believing in yourself.

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