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Rating: 6.50/10 from 2400 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Héroe de papel

Title in Italiano:

Paperback Hero

Title in Português:

Paperback Hero

Title in Français:

Paperback Hero

Title in Türk:

Paperback Hero

Title in Deutsch:

Trucker mit Herz


Jack Willis is a handsome roadtrain driver with a secret - he has just become a top-selling romance novelist. However, being a 'man's man' in the Australian outlook, to avoid embarrassment, he needs a name, a woman's name - and he chooses that of his best friend, Ruby Vale.

He must do some fancy footwork to continue the charade when the glamorous city publisher, Ziggy, arrives in dusty outback Lucktown to sign 'Ruby Vale' to a major book deal. Ruby agrees to help Jack though it's for her own gain as well - the publisher will pay for her coming wedding (with Hamish, Jack's buddy).

Accompanied by Jack, Ruby goes to Sydney to meet the media, appear on TV and cocktail parties, etc. Gradually, Jack realizes that he has fallen in love with Ruby, while Ruby is also touched by Jack's novel. However, Hamish arrives in Sydney a few days later and asks both of them to stop all these foolish things...

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Paperback Hero
She's Taken My Words
Andrew Tierney: Writer
Human Nature: Performer
Roy Orbison: Writer
Roy Orbison: Performer
Hugh Jackman: Performer
I Drove All Night
Roy Orbison: Performer
Tom Kelly: Writer
Oh Pretty Woman
Roy Orbison: Writer
Catherine Miller: Performer
Only the lonely
Roy Orbison: Writer
Roy Orbison: Performer
JD Blues
Scott Kingman: Writer
Scott Kingman: Performer
Paper Tiger
Strangers in the night
Bert Kaempfert: Writer
I remember you
Johnny Mercer: Writer
Frank Ifield: Performer
Paul Tucker: Writer
Lighthouse Family: Performer
She's Taken My Words
Paperback Hero (1999): Performer
Roy Orbison: Performer

User reviews

Matthew Adams

The use of traditional Australian instruments in the soundtrack adds an authentic and unique touch to the overall listening experience.

Steven Walker

The soundtrack of Paperback Hero perfectly captures the rugged and charming Australian outback setting of the movie.

Matthew Nelson

The soundtrack of Paperback Hero perfectly captures the charming and light-hearted tone of the film. It enhances the romantic and comedic moments throughout the story.

Margaret Scott

The soundtrack features a diverse range of musical styles, catering to different moods and scenes within the movie.

James Baker

Overall, the soundtrack of Paperback Hero is a delightful musical accompaniment that enhances the overall viewing experience and leaves a lasting impression.

Kenneth Jackson

The use of acoustic guitars and upbeat melodies in the soundtrack adds to the feel-good nature of the film, making it a joy to listen to while watching the movie.

Matthew Smith

The music in the film effectively sets the scene in the Australian outback and Sydney, creating a sense of place and atmosphere that immerses the audience in the story.

Stephanie Smith

The soundtrack seamlessly transitions between upbeat, playful tunes and more heartfelt melodies, mirroring the film's mix of humor and romance.

Anthony Martin

Overall, the soundtrack of Paperback Hero is a delightful and memorable accompaniment to the film, enhancing the viewer's emotional connection to the characters and their journey.

Sarah Taylor

The choice of music for Paperback Hero seemed disconnected from the Australian outback setting and the romantic comedy genre of the film. The soundtrack failed to capture the essence of the characters' journey and the unique blend of humor and romance in the storyline, resulting in a mismatched and jarring listening experience.

Susan Martin

Overall, the music in Paperback Hero is a standout aspect of the film, contributing to its overall charm and making it a memorable viewing experience.

Joseph Hill

The emotional depth of the music shines through during the more heartfelt moments between the characters, enhancing the viewer's connection to the story and its themes of love and friendship.

Stephanie King

The songs chosen for the film enhance the emotional depth of the characters, especially during key romantic moments.

Michael Phillips

The lyrics of some of the songs resonate with the themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery explored in the film, adding an extra layer of meaning to the storytelling.

George Adams

The soundtrack of Paperback Hero felt repetitive and uninspired, lacking memorable melodies or emotional depth. The music didn't enhance the storytelling or evoke the intended mood, making it forgettable overall.

Andrew Robinson

The composition of the music enhances the on-screen chemistry between the characters, making their relationships feel even more genuine and relatable.

Paul Wilson

The soundtrack of Paperback Hero is absolutely captivating and enriches the emotional depth of the storyline.

David Parker

The use of acoustic guitars and harmonicas creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making the audience feel truly immersed in the film's world.

Laura Johnson

Each track evokes a sense of nostalgia and romance, enhancing the chemistry between the characters Jack and Ruby.

Karen Young

The music perfectly captures the essence of the Australian outback setting, blending folk and country melodies seamlessly.

Charles Turner

The musical score evokes a sense of adventure and lightheartedness that complements the film's storyline about secrets and romance.

Donna Lewis

The soundtrack of Paperback Hero successfully complements the chemistry between the lead characters, Jack and Ruby, enhancing their on-screen dynamic and adding an extra layer of emotion to their relationship.