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People have vanished in a small ski resort village nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

Two sisters suspect it to be the work of a serial killer on the loose in town but there is no blood near the dead bodies, no sign of struggle n how can a single serial killer kill all the residents.

The sisters come across a sheriff who is a former FBI agent. The agent calls up for back up. The agents' associates gets hold of an academic who theorizes the town has fallen victim to the Ancient Enemy, which periodically wipes out civilizations including that of the Mayans and the Roanoke Island colonists.

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I Fall to Pieces
Patsy Cline: Performer
Hank Cochran: Writer
Jesus Loves Me
Don't Count Me Out
K. Perry: Writer

User reviews

Anthony Lewis

Overall, the soundtrack of Phantoms missed the mark in creating a memorable and impactful musical accompaniment to the chilling events unfolding on screen.

John Adams

Overall, the soundtrack of Phantoms is a crucial element in building tension and suspense, elevating the film's impact and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Dorothy Evans

Overall, the soundtrack of Phantoms is a key element in creating a thrilling and immersive experience for the audience, enhancing the storytelling and heightening the emotional impact of the film.

Stephanie Roberts

The soundtrack of Phantoms perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the small ski resort village in the Rocky Mountains.

Sarah Turner

The soundtrack of Phantoms failed to capture the eerie and suspenseful atmosphere of the film. The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the ability to enhance the tension and mystery of the plot.

Emily Jackson

The music in Phantoms effectively conveys the sense of urgency and desperation felt by the characters as they race against time to unravel the town's dark history.

Mark Young

The soundtrack of Phantoms perfectly captures the eerie and suspenseful atmosphere of the small ski resort village nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Each track immerses you in the mystery and tension of the story, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Mary Nelson

The soundtrack's blend of orchestral arrangements and electronic elements adds a modern twist to the horror genre, making it a standout feature of the film.

George White

The use of subtle, haunting melodies in the soundtrack enhances the feeling of dread and unease throughout the film.

James Rodriguez

The musical score of Phantoms expertly complements the visuals, creating a cohesive and immersive viewing experience.

Joseph Hall

The music creates a sense of foreboding and impending danger, adding depth to the storyline and keeping the audience engaged.

Brian Mitchell

The music sets the tone for the suspense and tension as the two sisters investigate the disappearance of the village residents, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Margaret Rodriguez

The use of repetitive and cliché musical motifs throughout the movie was distracting and took away from the overall viewing experience. It felt like the composer relied on tired tropes rather than creating a unique and engaging soundscape that could elevate the storytelling.

Timothy Garcia

The soundtrack effectively builds up the sense of isolation and helplessness felt by the characters as they uncover the dark secrets of the town.

David Adams

The music expertly builds suspense and enhances the sense of foreboding as the sisters uncover the dark secrets of the town. The use of haunting melodies and chilling orchestrations adds depth to the narrative, making the audience feel the fear and paranoia of the characters.

Donald Lee

The soundtrack's use of atmospheric sounds and ominous tones enhances the overall sense of mystery and intrigue in the film.