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Alternate Names:
Title in Português:

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Title in Français:

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness


Years after surviving the T-virus outbreak in Racoon City, Leon S. Kennedy now works as a secret service agent for the U.S. President. After a cyber attack occurs at the White House, Leon finds himself teaming up with several other agents to defend the President from a zombie attack. He incidentally meets Claire Redfield who is investigating a possible zombie outbreak in Panamstan. Leon soon finds himself in the middle of a military conspiracy involving Panamstan and biological weapons. Can he trust his fellow agents? Will he and Claire be able to uncover the culprit behind the incidents in time before war breaks out?

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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness
My Plague
Slipknot: Artist
The Fight Song
Marilyn Manson: Artist
Something Told Me
Coal Chamber: Artist
Name Of The Game
Adema: Artist
Invisible Wounds - The Suture Mix
Fear Factory: Artist
Anything but This
Static-X: Artist
Rammstein: Artist
Depeche Mode: Artist
What Comes Around
Ill Nino: Artist
Dig - Everything and Nothing Remix
Rhys Fulber: Artist
Mudvayne: Artist
Release Yo' Delf - Prodigy Mix
Method Man: Artist
Saliva: Artist
The Infinity
Five Pointe O: Artist
Slipknot: Artist
Just a Little
The Used: Artist
Us Or Them
The Cure: Artist
Lacuna Coil: Artist
The Outsider
The End of Heartache