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Rating: 7.10/10 from 104000 votes
Tags: french quarter new orleans
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El jurado

Title in Italiano:

La giuria

Title in Português:

O Júri


Runaway Jury is a legal thriller novel written by John Grisham. The story revolves around a high-profile tobacco trial in which a widow sues a tobacco company for the death of her husband. The trial takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious juror named Nicholas Easter joins the jury with his own hidden agenda.

Nicholas Easter and his girlfriend Marlee manipulate the trial behind the scenes, using their knowledge of the jurors' personal lives to influence the outcome. As the trial progresses, the tension rises as both the defense and the plaintiff's lawyers try to uncover Easter's true motives.

As the trial reaches its climax, Nicholas Easter's true intentions are revealed, leaving everyone shocked and questioning the integrity of the justice system. The novel explores themes of corruption, manipulation, and the power of money in the legal system.

Runaway Jury is a gripping and suspenseful novel that keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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Runaway Jury
Happy Birthday to You
Mildred J. Hill: Writer
Big Rock Candy Mountain
The Habanera from 'Carmen'
A Bitter Tree
It's Your Thing
Heart of Mine
When the Saints Go Marching in
It's Your Thing
O'Kelly Isley: Performer

User reviews

Kenneth Robinson

The score of Runaway Jury expertly builds anticipation and keeps the audience engaged throughout the twists and turns of the high-stakes trial.

Laura Thomas

The soundtrack effectively builds suspense and keeps the audience engaged throughout the entire story, creating a sense of anticipation for what will happen next.

George Jones

The use of instrumental pieces in the soundtrack effectively conveys the emotional depth of the courtroom scenes, adding an extra layer of intensity to the narrative.

Sarah Rodriguez

Overall, the soundtrack of Runaway Jury missed the mark in creating a memorable and impactful auditory experience that could have elevated the viewing experience for the audience.

George Anderson

The soundtrack of Runaway Jury perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the legal thriller, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the story.

Nancy Turner

The soundtrack incorporates a variety of musical styles, from orchestral compositions to subtle piano melodies, creating a dynamic listening experience that complements the plot development.

William Martinez

The music sets the mood for each scene, from the intense courtroom moments to the behind-the-scenes manipulation by Nicholas Easter and Marlee.

Linda Walker

Certain tracks in the soundtrack evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue, mirroring the hidden agendas and manipulation at play in the story, adding an element of unpredictability to the overall tone.

Mark Evans

The soundtrack of Runaway Jury felt uninspired and generic, failing to capture the intense and thrilling atmosphere of the legal thriller.

Joseph Hill

The music choices in the film effectively mirror the manipulative and deceitful nature of the characters, adding another layer of depth to the narrative.

Deborah Smith

The use of different instruments and melodies in the soundtrack adds depth to the storytelling, making the audience feel fully immersed in the world of the novel.

Kimberly Scott

The soundtrack of Runaway Jury perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the legal thriller, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the story.

Donna Scott

The soundtrack's pacing mirrors the escalating tension of the trial, building up to key moments in the plot with well-timed crescendos and dramatic musical motifs.

Karen Jones

The musical choices in the film seemed mismatched with the tone of the story, often distracting from the narrative instead of enhancing the tension and drama.

Linda Parker

The emotional impact of the music enhances the character development and adds layers to the complex relationships between the characters.

Donna Lopez

The musical score of Runaway Jury elevates the overall experience of the novel, creating a memorable and immersive reading experience.

Ashley Martinez

Overall, the music of Runaway Jury adds a dynamic and compelling element to the novel, making it a truly captivating read.

Lisa Taylor

Overall, the soundtrack of Runaway Jury is a vital element in enhancing the storytelling experience, effectively immersing the audience in the world of legal drama and moral ambiguity.

Timothy Mitchell

The soundtrack of Runaway Jury perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the legal thriller, enhancing the atmosphere of the story.

Elizabeth Young

The soundtrack perfectly complements the themes of corruption, manipulation, and power explored in the story, enhancing the impact of these themes on the audience.