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She's the Man Soundtrack (2006) cover

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Tags: pretending to be someone else, girl disguised as a boy
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Ella es el chico

Title in Italiano:

She's the Man

Title in Português:

Ela é... Ele

Title in Français:

She's the Man

Title in Türk:

Seksi futbolcu

Title in Deutsch:

She's the Man - Voll mein Typ


Here's the thing! Viola's football team in Cornwall is cut off. He wants to join the boys team, but they don't allow girls. So she thinks, "If you can't beat them, join them." So she does it! She disguises herself as her twin brother Sebastian, goes to rival school, Illyria Boys' Soccer Team, and succeeds. Unfortunately, she didn't plan on falling in love with her roommate Duke with her. But Duke has his eyes on Olivia. What makes things worse is that Olivia begins to fall in love with Sebastian because she has a sensitive side. If things couldn't get any more troublesome, the real Sebastian (who was in London working on his music) comes home early. He arrives on campus and has no idea that he was replaced by his twin sister.

Soundtrack list

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Matt White: Writer
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Love Is All Around
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Good Girl, Bad Boy
Jesper Mortensen: Writer
Junior Senior: Performer
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Hey Sexy Lady
Christopher Birch: Writer
Shaggy: Performer
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Slightly Stoopid: Performer
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Chali 2na: Writer
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Ooh La La
Alison Goldfrapp: Writer
Goldfrapp: Performer
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Side 2
Tammy Ealom: Writer
Dressy Bessy: Performer
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Dr. Luke: Writer
The Veronicas: Performer
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Love and Memories
Glen Ballard: Writer
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Put It Down
Spiderbait: Performer
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Waltz: Roses from the South
Johann Strauss: Writer
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Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 - Anitra's Dance
Edvard Grieg: Writer
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Carmen Suite No. 1 - Les Toreadors
Georges Bizet: Writer
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Let Go
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Matt White: Writer
Matt White: Performer
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Dirty Little Secret
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Flipsyde: Performer
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Hold You in My Arms
Ray LaMontagne: Writer
Ray LaMontagne: Performer
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Damian Kulash: Writer
OK Go: Performer
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Move Along
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