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Rating: 6.80/10 from 64742 votes
Tags: awkwardness, teenage love


One night at a friend's house party, a trusting Dave meets a cool and artistic girl named Aubrey. She helps him with his romantic feelings for Jane. They talk about Dave's feelings and he thinks he should tell Jane how she feels. They are soon interrupted by the appearing police, but they decide to walk home together. As the weekend begins, new friends start dating, as well as discussing their relationship ... and their virginity. Dave becomes increasingly interested in Aubrey and she reciprocates. Despite the fact that she is involved with Roni (soon to be her ex) of hers, she has trouble denying her true feelings for Dave. However, there is a problem: Dave is going to college in another city. Aubrey still has a year left of high school. Will they be able to handle a long distance relationship? Is your love strong enough? Or will Dave choose Jane, the girl of his dreams?

Soundtrack list

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Silly Boy
Søren Christensen: Writer
The Blue Van: Performer
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Matthew Beighley: Writer
Wait Think Fast: Performer
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The End
Bethany Cosentino: Writer
Best Coast: Performer
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Vampire's Kiss
John Gold: Writer
John Gold: Performer
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Girls Like You
The Naked and Famous: Performer
Thom Powers: Writer
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Sweet Louise
Barbara Gruska: Writer
The Belle Brigade: Performer
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Til The Morning
Afie Jurvanen: Writer
Bahamas: Writer
Bahamas: Performer
nm6292375: Writer
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I Cannot Love You
Telekinesis: Performer
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Come And Go
Danica Rozelle: Writer
Danica Rozelle: Performer
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If It Be Your Will
Leonard Cohen: Writer
Leonard Cohen: Performer
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Yes And No
Danica Rozelle: Performer
Lamar Van Sciver: Writer
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Anne With An E
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