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Rating: 6.80/10 from 74000 votes
Tags: awkwardness, teenage love
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La primera vez

Title in Italiano:

The First Time

Title in Français:

The First Time

Title in Türk:

The First Time


One night at a friend's house party, a somewhat confident Dave meets a cool and artistic girl named Aubrey. She helps him with his romantic feelings for Jane. They talk about Dave's feelings, and he believes he should tell Jane how he feels. They soon get interrupted by the cops showing up, but decide to walk home together.

As the weekend begins, the new friends start to hang out, as well as discuss their relationship... And their virginity. Dave becomes more and more interested in Aubrey, and she reciprocates. Even though she is involved with Roni (her soon to be ex), she has trouble denying her true feelings for Dave.

There is one problem, however, Dave is going off to college in another city. Aubrey still has one year left of high school. Will they be able to handle a long distance relationship? Is their love strong enough? Or will Dave chose Jane, the girl of his dreams instead.

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The First Time
Silly Boy
Søren Christensen: Writer
The Blue Van: Performer
Matthew Beighley: Writer
Wait Think Fast: Performer
The End
Bethany Cosentino: Writer
Best Coast: Performer
Vampire's Kiss
John Gold: Writer
John Gold: Performer
Girls Like You
The Naked and Famous: Performer
Thom Powers: Writer
Sweet Louise
Barbara Gruska: Writer
The Belle Brigade: Performer
Til The Morning
Afie Jurvanen: Writer
Bahamas: Performer
Bahamas: Writer
nm6292375: Writer
I Cannot Love You
Telekinesis: Performer
Come And Go
Danica Rozelle: Writer
Danica Rozelle: Performer
If It Be Your Will
Leonard Cohen: Writer
Leonard Cohen: Performer
Yes And No
Danica Rozelle: Performer
Lamar Van Sciver: Writer
Anne With An E

User reviews

Melissa Allen

Overall, the soundtrack of The First Time is a standout feature of the film, enhancing the viewer's experience and immersing them in the world of Dave and Aubrey's budding romance.

Ashley Hernandez

The soundtrack of The First Time perfectly captures the emotional journey of Dave and Aubrey as they navigate love, friendship, and uncertainty in their budding relationship.

Steven Thompson

The songs used in certain key scenes felt out of place and failed to evoke the intended mood, making those moments feel disconnected and less impactful.

Daniel Robinson

The soundtrack of The First Time perfectly captures the emotional rollercoaster of young love and self-discovery. The music enhances the romantic tension between Dave and Aubrey, adding depth to their evolving relationship.

Amanda Young

The soundtrack effectively conveys the bittersweet nature of first love and the complexities of navigating relationships at a young age. The songs chosen reflect the characters' inner struggles and desires, adding an extra layer of authenticity to their stories.

Donna Green

Overall, the soundtrack did not leave a lasting impression on me and did not add anything significant to my viewing experience of the film.

Ashley Baker

The songs chosen for the film are not only catchy and enjoyable, but also meaningful and reflective of the characters' inner struggles and desires. From upbeat indie tracks to heartfelt ballads, the soundtrack mirrors the highs and lows of young love, making it a memorable and essential element of the movie.

James Evans

I found the soundtrack of The First Time to be quite lackluster. The music choices did not seem to enhance the emotional depth of the storyline or the character development.

Daniel Carter

The music sets the tone for each scene, enhancing the chemistry between the characters and adding depth to their interactions. It creates a sense of nostalgia and longing that resonates with the audience, making us feel like we are right there with Dave and Aubrey as they explore their feelings for each other.

Michael King

The songs chosen for key moments in the film, such as the party scene where Dave and Aubrey first connect, are well-suited and enhance the atmosphere of the movie. The music helps to set the tone for the characters' interactions and emotions.