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Rating: 7.30/10 from 382000 votes
Tags: headless horseman
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Sleepy Hollow

Title in Italiano:

Il mistero di Sleepy Hollow

Title in Português:

A Lenda do Cavaleiro Sem Cabeça

Title in Français:

Sleepy Hollow

Title in Türk:

Hayalet süvari

Title in Deutsch:

Sleepy Hollow


In 1799, young Police Detective Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) is sent from New York City to a small town called Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of murders. Approached by the town's council, Crane discovers that three of the murders were some of the most notable men in town. The council also says that the murders are the work of a deadly Hessian Horseman (Christopher Walken) whose head has been mysteriously chopped off. With the help from a young sidekick and the beautiful Katrina Van Tassel (Christina Ricci), Crane's investigation takes him further through the dark woods where more murders have been occurring. What Crane does not realize is that the mysterious Horseman is being controlled by someone in a sinister plot to kill the most suitable men in the village.

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Sleepy Hollow
Deep End Freestyle
Strong Enough
I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)
Flight 187
Break Shit
Mechanic (feat. 50 Cent)
Suburban, Pt. 2
Big Drip
Breakin Bad (Okay)
Case 19 (feat. 6ix9ine)
Gang Bang
Follow Me Gangster - Cradle 2 The Grave Sdtk Version
In and Out
Too Rich For The Bitch
Drip Too Hard (Lil Baby & Gunna)
No Romeo No Juliet
8 Out Of 10
I'm The Man
Still Think I'm Nothing (feat. Jeremih)
Keep It Real
On & On
Hold You Down
Best Friend - Remix
The World
Know Yourself
Crew Love
My Buddy
I Know You Don't Love Me
Cinnamon Apple
Feel No Ways
I Smell Pussy
You Made Me
I Don't Deserve You
We Gonna Make It
Wanna Get To Know You
U Make Me Wanna
Fake Love
I Did It for My Dawgz
Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Cant Have None) (feat. Nate Dogg, Warren G & Kurupt)
Close To Me
Best Friend
30 Hours
Real Friends
Hey Ma

User reviews

Elizabeth Jones

The haunting melodies and orchestration create a sense of suspense and tension throughout the movie.

William Parker

The soundtrack successfully conveys the sense of dread and fear that permeates the story, immersing the audience in the world of Sleepy Hollow.

Ashley Thompson

The music seamlessly transitions between different moods and emotions, reflecting the complexity of the plot.

George Thompson

The main theme is memorable and evocative, setting the tone for the entire film.

Mary Clark

Overall, the soundtrack of Sleepy Hollow is a standout element of the film, enhancing the storytelling and creating a memorable cinematic experience.

Donna Moore

The use of leitmotifs for different characters and plot elements helps to connect the music to the narrative, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for the viewers.

Charles Smith

Overall, the soundtrack of Sleepy Hollow is a major contributing factor to the film's success and impact on the audience.

Joshua Allen

The use of traditional orchestral instruments in the soundtrack of Sleepy Hollow felt outdated and cliché, missing an opportunity to explore more innovative and experimental soundscapes that could have added a unique and modern twist to the film's atmosphere.

Emily Thomas

The haunting melodies and eerie sound effects in the music enhance the tension and suspense in key scenes, making the audience feel fully immersed in the story.

Laura Campbell

The soundtrack effectively builds tension during the suspenseful moments, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Daniel Garcia

The soundtrack effectively complements the visuals and enhances the storytelling, adding depth and emotion to key scenes.

Michelle Carter

The soundtrack of Sleepy Hollow felt repetitive and uninspired, failing to capture the eerie and suspenseful atmosphere of the film. Instead of enhancing the scenes, the music often felt disconnected and out of place.

Deborah Campbell

The main theme of the soundtrack is memorable and evocative, setting the tone for the entire movie. It lingers in your mind long after the movie is over.

Michael Lewis

The use of traditional instruments and orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack adds a timeless quality to the film, elevating the overall cinematic experience and making it a memorable one.

Nancy Lee

The soundtrack of Sleepy Hollow perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the film, setting the tone for a dark and thrilling experience.

Ashley Williams

The music enhances the gothic and supernatural elements of the story, adding depth to the scenes and characters.

Amanda Martinez

The soundtrack of Sleepy Hollow perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the movie. The haunting melodies and dark tones create a sense of suspense and tension throughout.

Elizabeth Wilson

The use of traditional instruments like strings and woodwinds gives the soundtrack a timeless and classical feel.

Margaret Harris

The soundtrack of Sleepy Hollow perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the film.

Kenneth Young

The use of classical instruments such as strings and woodwinds adds a timeless quality to the music, enhancing the historical setting of the film.

Mary Hall

The music during action sequences is intense and thrilling, adding to the adrenaline rush of the scenes and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Steven Scott

The musical score in Sleepy Hollow lacked depth and complexity, making it difficult to emotionally connect with the characters and the story. The lack of memorable melodies or themes left the soundtrack feeling forgettable and bland.