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Tags: sacre coeur paris
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Somers Town

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Somers Town

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Somers Town

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Somers Town

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Somers Town

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Somers Town


Teenagers Tomo and Marek are both relatively recent arrivals to the Somers Town neighborhood of London. Tomo has just run away from his Nottingham home, with all his money and possessions in two bags which he needs to carry around with him as he has no permanent place to stay. The only person he knows in London is Jane, a woman he met on the train. Jane can see that Tomo needs help but knows she can't be his constant banker, and that anything she does of an official nature will only lead to Tomo running away again. Tomo wants to appear tough if only as a matter of survival on the street.

Marek and his construction worker father Mariusz are Polish immigrants, who are just learning the ways of life in England, including the language. In his spare time, Marek likes to take photographs. Graham, who lives in the same building, sees Marek as a source of cheap labor for whatever odd jobs he has in making a quick and easy bigger buck. Despite their antagonistic chance encounter first meeting, Tomo and Marek becomes friends in their need for social acceptance in their new environment.

A common bond that emerges between them is their infatuation with Maria, the slightly older but still young Parisienne who waits tables at a café in the neighborhood. As neither Tomo or Marek has the wherewithal or the emotional maturity to deal with Tomo's situation in the long run, their friendship of just the two of them as best mates can only last for so long before something needs to change.

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Somers Town
Barefootin' Time in China Town
Lester Young: Performer
Hey Senorita (Let Me Take You Home)
The Penguins: Performer
Raise a vein
Gavin Clarke: Writer
Gavin Clarke: Performer
When We Had Faces
Gavin Clarke: Writer
Gavin Clarke: Performer
Painted Glass
Gavin Clarke: Writer
Gavin Clarke: Performer
Low are the Punches
Gavin Clarke: Writer
Gavin Clarke: Performer
Open and Shut Case
Gavin Clarke: Writer
Gavin Clarke: Performer

User reviews

James Rodriguez

The use of music in Somers Town enhances the storytelling by providing a poignant backdrop to the characters' experiences. The soundtrack seamlessly weaves together different genres and moods, reflecting the complexity of the characters' relationships and personal growth throughout the film.

Ashley White

The soundtrack of Somers Town perfectly captures the raw and emotional journey of the characters, reflecting their struggles and desires through the music. It adds depth and authenticity to the story, enhancing the viewer's connection to the characters.

Matthew Johnson

The soundtrack of Somers Town skillfully evokes the sense of longing and escapism felt by the characters, particularly Tomo and Marek, as they navigate their complex relationships and personal challenges. The music enhances the emotional impact of the film, making it a truly memorable and poignant experience.

Brian Allen

The soundtrack of Somers Town beautifully captures the essence of the characters' emotional journey as they navigate their way through the challenges of their new environment. The music perfectly reflects the mix of innocence, vulnerability, and resilience portrayed by Tomo and Marek, adding depth and authenticity to their story.

Robert Wilson

The use of music in Somers Town effectively conveys the cultural clash and integration experienced by the characters, especially Tomo and Marek. The fusion of different musical styles mirrors their journey of adaptation and friendship, creating a rich and immersive atmosphere.

Margaret Smith

The soundtrack of Somers Town perfectly captures the essence of teenage struggles and friendships in a new environment. The music creates a sense of nostalgia and longing, adding depth to the characters' emotional journeys.

George Anderson

The use of music in Somers Town enhances the storytelling by creating a sense of connection and camaraderie between the characters. The soundtrack effectively conveys the themes of friendship, longing, and youthful exploration, immersing the audience in the vibrant atmosphere of the neighborhood and enhancing the overall viewing experience.