Speed 2: Cruise Control Soundtrack (

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Rating: 3.90/10 from 86000 votes
Tags: collision course
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Speed 2

Title in Italiano:

Speed 2 - Senza limiti

Title in Português:

Speed 2: Perigo a Bordo

Title in Français:

Speed 2: Cap sur le danger

Title in Türk:

Hız tuzağı 2


Annie Porter, the woman who was held on a bus with a bomb attached to it that will go off if it slows down. She dated the cop who saved her but broke up with him because he was constantly putting his life in danger. She would then date a guy named Alex who is also a cop but told her that he does a mundane assignment. But she eventually learns that he works for the same unit that the other guy worked for and is also addicted to danger.

She wants to break up with but he surprises her with a cruise. She agrees to go. And he's planning to propose to her. But when he notices another passenger act peculiar, he can't help but try to find out what's up with him. He's Geiger, a computer man who designed the ship's systems, who was fired. He then takes over the ship's systems and sets it on a course that will send it into a tanker. Alex tries to stop him.

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Speed 2: Cruise Control
Tell Me Is It True
UB40: Writer
My Dream
Shaggy: Writer
Shaggy: Performer
Robert Livingston: Produced
Never Give Up
Roy Thomas Baker: Produced
Some People
Rayvon: Performer
Robert Livingston: Produced
Every Breath You Take
Sting: Writer
Betty Wright: Performer
Make Tonight Beautiful
Diane Warren: Writer
Tamia: Performer
I Feel the Earth Move
Carole King: Writer
Bob Marlette: Produced
Speed TK Re-Mix
Mark Mancina: Writer
Tetsuya Komuro: Produced
The Tide Is High
John Holt: Writer
Maxi Priest: Performer
Lowell 'Sly' Dunbar: Produced
A Namorada
Carlinhos Brown: Writer
Carlinhos Brown: Performer
Can't Help Falling in Love
UB40: Performer
George David Weiss: Writer
O Mio Babbino Caro
Giacomo Puccini: (from "gianni schicchi") composed
Victoria de los Ángeles: Performer
Crazy (Phil Chill 12
Mark Morrison: Writer
Mark Morrison: Performer
You Can Get It If You Really Want
Jimmy Cliff: Writer
Jimmy Cliff: Performer
Can't Help Falling in Love
George David Weiss: Performer

User reviews

Laura Mitchell

The emotional moments in the film were overshadowed by a forgettable and unremarkable musical score. Instead of enhancing the characters' relationships and struggles, the soundtrack felt like background noise that failed to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

Michelle Lewis

The recurring motifs and themes in the soundtrack help to tie together different plot points and character arcs, providing a cohesive musical framework for the story to unfold within.

Sarah White

The emotional depth of the music in certain scenes, particularly those involving Annie and Alex's complicated relationship, adds a layer of complexity to the characters and their motivations, making the narrative more engaging and relatable.

Paul Carter

The variety of musical styles and genres used in the soundtrack, from suspenseful orchestral pieces to adrenaline-fueled electronic tracks, contributes to the overall dynamic and immersive nature of the film's audio accompaniment.

Andrew Martin

I found the choice of music during the action sequences to be particularly jarring and mismatched with the on-screen events. It failed to create a sense of urgency or danger, which detracted from the overall viewing experience.

Melissa Brown

The use of electronic beats and intense orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack effectively amplifies the sense of urgency and danger portrayed throughout the movie, creating a thrilling audio experience for the audience.

Steven Lopez

The incorporation of electronic elements in the music adds a modern and edgy feel to the soundtrack, reflecting the technological themes present in the film.

Mary Johnson

The use of dynamic orchestral arrangements and pulsating rhythms in the soundtrack creates a sense of urgency and excitement, perfectly complementing the high-stakes plot of the movie.

Donald Nelson

The emotional depth and evocative melodies in certain tracks of the soundtrack provide a poignant backdrop to the character development and relationships portrayed in the movie, particularly Annie Porter's internal struggles and romantic dilemmas.

Margaret Scott

The soundtrack's seamless integration with the on-screen action showcases the skillful craftsmanship of the composers in creating a cohesive audio-visual experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.