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On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, the typical New York City teenager, Clary Fray, has a shocking revelation: instead of being an ordinary girl, Clary discovers that she is part of a mythical race: the Shadowhunters, protectors of humanity.

Against the backdrop of the eternal battle between good and the dark forces of evil, Clary will find herself amid a fierce war with the supernatural, when her mother, Jocelyn, is abducted.

In her desperate attempt to save her, the fellow demon-hunter, Jace, will be Clary's guide and guardian, as they both delve deeper and deeper into a nightmarish realm infested with mighty adversaries.

Can they escape from the netherworld?

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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
Calling From Above
Bassnectar: Performer
Bassnectar: Writer
Goldberg Variations BWV 988, Aria
All About Us
Trevor Kelly: Writer
The Embrace
Jade Puget: Performer
AFI: Performer
Into the Lair
Zedd: Performer
Zedd: Writer
Prelude and Fugue No.1 in C major, BWV 846
Heart by Heart
Diane Warren: Writer
Demi Lovato: Performer
When the Darkness Comes
Colbie Caillat: Performer
Colbie Caillat: Writer
17 Crimes
Jade Puget: Performer
AFI: Performer

User reviews

Timothy Hill

The music in the movie effectively enhances the emotional depth of the characters and their struggles. The powerful vocals and evocative lyrics add another layer of complexity to the storyline, making the viewer feel more connected to the protagonists' journey.

Nancy Hill

The use of orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack adds a grand and epic feel to the action sequences, making them even more thrilling to watch.

Edward Moore

One of the standout aspects of the soundtrack is its ability to transport the listener into the fantasy realm of the Shadowhunters. The epic orchestral arrangements and ethereal choral pieces immerse you in a world of magic and danger, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Donald Anderson

The soundtrack includes memorable themes and motifs that stay with the audience long after the movie has ended, adding to the overall impact of the film.

George Adams

The music sets the tone for the supernatural elements of the story, creating a sense of tension and excitement throughout the film.

Michelle Mitchell

Each track in the soundtrack complements the storyline beautifully, creating a seamless integration between the music and the unfolding events. The memorable melodies stay with me long after watching the movie, making me want to revisit the world of Shadowhunters again and again.

Melissa Robinson

The diverse range of musical styles and genres featured in the soundtrack reflects the eclectic nature of the story and its characters. From rock-infused tracks to ethereal ballads, the music complements the different moods and themes present in the film, creating a dynamic and engaging auditory experience.

Paul Williams

The music perfectly complements the visuals on screen, creating a seamless blend of audio and visual storytelling that immerses the audience in the world of the Shadowhunters.

Steven Green

The emotional depth of the music helps to convey the characters' struggles and inner conflicts, bringing an added layer of complexity to the story.

William Nelson

The orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack are truly captivating, adding depth and emotion to key scenes. The music enhances the tension and drama, making the story even more immersive and impactful.

Sarah Hill

The haunting melodies and eerie sounds in certain tracks enhance the eerie and mysterious aspects of the supernatural world portrayed in the film.

Carol Thompson

The soundtrack features a diverse range of musical styles, from epic orchestral pieces to more contemporary and electronic tracks, providing a dynamic listening experience.