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Alternate Names:
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Superman II

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Superman II: A Aventura Continua


The meta-human heritage of the Last Son Of Krypton is tested as never before when a series of misadventures unlocks in Superman a very human emotion - love.

Superman's love for journalist Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) reaches a seemingly impossible peak, but requires the ultimate sacrifice - as the incompatible molecular structure of Kal-El (Superman's birth name) and Lois would gravely complicate the inevitable bearing of children, Kal-El must be purged of his superpower, to live as a mortal.

Kal-El, despite the pleas of the spirit of his long-lost mother, willingly agrees, and now a normal human being, consummates his love for Lois - a decision that dooms the Earth as three criminals from Krypton, freed from their extra-dimensional prison, lay waste to the planet in a path of conquest aided by the planet's most arrogant criminal, Lex Luthor, who intends to smoke out Superman for his destruction - unaware as he is of The Man Of Steel's helplessness, a condition that only one last hope can rectify.

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Superman II
Pick Up the Pieces
Roger Ball: Writer
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User reviews

Patricia Wright

The powerful orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack intensify the climactic moments of the film, enhancing the sense of urgency and heroism.

Joseph Martinez

The use of leitmotifs in the music effectively conveys the different character arcs and storylines, creating a cohesive and immersive listening experience.

Michelle Harris

The emotional depth of the Superman II soundtrack perfectly captures the inner struggle of Superman as he grapples with love and sacrifice.

Joseph Taylor

Overall, the Superman II soundtrack is a triumph of musical storytelling, perfectly complementing the themes of love, sacrifice, and heroism explored in the film.

George Robinson

The music in Superman II expertly weaves together themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption, creating a rich tapestry of emotions that elevate the film to new heights. Each track is a masterful blend of heart-pounding action and poignant reflection, underscoring the themes of the story with precision and emotional depth. The soundtrack truly enhances the viewing experience, making it a memorable and impactful cinematic journey.

Donald Turner

The incorporation of choir vocals in some tracks adds a powerful and ethereal quality to the soundtrack, enhancing the epic scale of the film.

Joseph Williams

The soundtrack of Superman II perfectly captures the emotional depth and complexity of the storyline, enhancing every moment of love, sacrifice, and ultimate redemption. The soaring melodies and powerful orchestration evoke a sense of heroism and tragedy that resonates with the inner struggles of Kal-El as he faces the ultimate choice between love and duty.

Betty Parker

Overall, the score of Superman II felt like an afterthought, failing to enhance the narrative and leaving a disappointing impression on the audience.

Susan Campbell

The music enhances the sense of tension and urgency during the battle scenes between Superman and the villains, adding to the excitement of the movie.

Joshua Moore

The incorporation of choir vocals in certain tracks adds a transcendent quality to the music, elevating the scenes to a more mythical and epic level.

Thomas Lopez

The Superman II soundtrack stands out as a masterful example of how music can elevate and enrich a superhero film, adding layers of meaning and emotion to the narrative.

Matthew Garcia

The soundtrack's dynamic range, from epic battle themes to tender love melodies, showcases the versatility of the composer and enhances the emotional impact of the film.

Emily Walker

Overall, the soundtrack of Superman II is a masterful blend of emotion, action, and heroism that elevates the movie-going experience to new heights.

Edward Gonzalez

The iconic Superman theme, composed by John Williams, evokes a sense of hope and inspiration that is synonymous with the character himself.

William Roberts

The soundtrack of Superman II beautifully captures the emotional depth of the storyline, especially Superman's sacrifice for love.

Margaret Gonzalez

The use of leitmotifs in the music helps to underscore the emotional development of the characters, particularly Superman's internal struggle with his humanity.

Laura Robinson

The orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack perfectly complement the grandeur and heroism of Superman's character, creating a sense of awe and admiration.

Joseph Hernandez

The intricate composition of the soundtrack reflects the complexity of the characters and their relationships, adding layers of depth to the storytelling.

Deborah Martin

The seamless integration of music with visuals enhances the overall cinematic experience, drawing viewers deeper into the world of Superman and his struggles.

Timothy Taylor

The use of synthesizers in the soundtrack felt outdated and cheesy, detracting from the overall viewing experience and making it difficult to take the film's climactic scenes seriously.

Ronald Miller

The soundtrack of Superman II failed to capture the emotional depth and complexity of the storyline. The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the grandeur and impact needed to elevate the dramatic moments of the film.