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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Candidate

Title in Italiano:

The Candidate

Title in Português:

The Candidate


A man who feels he is always under appreciated, bested by his co worker, and only wants to be recognized for his hard work is offered a deal of a life time from a mysterious figure representing an unspoken organization. Will he take it? All he has to do is believe.

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The Candidate
Kneel Before Him
The Longer I Run
Los Angeles
Faith My Eyes
Where I Began
All Will Be Well
Let It Fall
Raining At Sunset
Bridal Veil Falls
Doubting Thomas
Beauty And The Mess
Reasons Why
When You Come Back Down
The Hand Song
Work to Be Done
The Other Country
My Love Follows You Where You Go
Restless - Remastered
We Hide & Seek - Live From The Louisville Palace, Kentucky / 2002
Rain King
Sullivan Street
Have You Seen Me Lately? - Live At Chelsea Studios, New York/1997
All These Things That I've Done
Just Another Girl
All Because Of You
Walk On
If God Will Send His Angels
Where The Streets Have No Name - Remastered
Grey Street
Cold Is The Night
Through Smoke
Keep Your Eyes Open
Boy On A String
Portrait Of An Apology
Fade To Grey
From Above
Closer to the Edge
One of These Nights - 2013 Remaster
Take It to the Limit - 2013 Remaster
Ol' 55 - 2013 Remaster
Devil's Been Talkin'
Farther Along
Bread and Bleeding
Serial Doubter
Green Lights
Born Again
La Cienega Just Smiled
This Is Where
Heaven When We're Home
Apocalypse Lullaby
Glory Bound
Everything's Not Lost - Includes Hidden Track 'Life Is For Living'
It'll Work Itself Out
Last of My Kind
Shape Of My Heart