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Rating: 6.70/10 from 150 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Driver

Title in Italiano:

The Driver

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The Driver

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The Driver

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The Driver

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The Driver


The Driver

In a city where crime runs rampant, a mysterious figure known only as The Driver emerges as a force to be reckoned with. With unparalleled skills behind the wheel, The Driver becomes the go-to person for anyone in need of a quick getaway or a daring escape.

But The Driver has a dark past that haunts him, and as he navigates the dangerous underworld of the city, he must confront his own demons while staying one step ahead of the law.

When a high-stakes heist goes wrong, The Driver finds himself caught in the crosshairs of a powerful crime syndicate. Now, he must use all of his cunning and expertise to outmaneuver his enemies and protect those he cares about.

As the stakes get higher and the danger mounts, The Driver must rely on his wits and his driving skills to survive in a world where betrayal and deception lurk around every corner.

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The Driver
Harlem Shuffle
Egyptian Reggae - Live
Smokey Joe's La La
All My Heroes - Radio Edit
Let's Go Away For A While - Remastered
Unsquare Dance
Neat Neat Neat
Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)
Early In the Morning - 2006 Remastered Version
The Edge - Remastered
Nowhere To Run
When Something Is Wrong with My Baby
Every Little Bit Hurts
Lorne Balfe: Performer
Lorne Balfe: Performer
First Job
Lorne Balfe: Performer
The Police Are Here
Lorne Balfe: Performer
What's in the Trunk?
Lorne Balfe: Performer
Five Hundred Quid
Lorne Balfe: Performer
Making the Decision
Lorne Balfe: Performer
Planning Thursday
Lorne Balfe: Performer
A Fresh Start
Lorne Balfe: Performer
I Needed A Change
Lorne Balfe: Performer
Don't Open the Bag
Lorne Balfe: Performer
For His Family
Lorne Balfe: Performer
A Heist
Lorne Balfe: Performer

User reviews

Edward Clark

I found the repetitive use of generic electronic beats throughout the film's driving sequences to be uninspired and lacking in creativity, ultimately diminishing the impact of The Driver's supposed unparalleled skills behind the wheel.

Sarah Robinson

The soundtrack of The Driver perfectly captures the tension and adrenaline of the fast-paced action scenes. The music intensifies the thrilling car chases and adds an extra layer of excitement to the film.

James Martin

On the other hand, some tracks in the soundtrack of The Driver feel repetitive and generic, lacking originality and failing to leave a lasting impression. While the music serves its purpose in setting the tone for the film, it doesn't stand out as a memorable or innovative element on its own.

Carol Wilson

The music in The Driver effectively conveys the emotional depth of the characters, adding layers of complexity to their personalities and motivations, making the story even more engaging and immersive.

Stephanie Thomas

The diversity of musical styles in The Driver's soundtrack is impressive, seamlessly blending electronic beats with classical arrangements to create a dynamic and engaging listening experience. The fusion of genres reflects the complexity of the story and adds layers of intrigue to the overall film.

Karen Clark

The musical score of The Driver adds depth and emotion to the character development, giving insight into the inner struggles of The Driver as he grapples with his past and confronts his demons. The haunting melodies and powerful orchestrations create a compelling narrative that resonates with the audience.

Charles Thompson

The soundtrack of The Driver seamlessly blends different genres and styles of music, creating a unique and memorable sonic experience that complements the visual storytelling of the film.

Nancy Walker

The Driver's soundtrack perfectly captures the tension and adrenaline of the high-octane action sequences. Each track enhances the suspense and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the film.

Amanda Anderson

The Driver's soundtrack failed to capture the intensity and suspense of the high-stakes heist scenes, leaving me underwhelmed and disconnected from the action unfolding on screen.

Sarah Hernandez

Each track in the soundtrack of The Driver is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of tension and excitement, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film.

Emily King

The soundtrack of The Driver perfectly captures the thrilling and intense atmosphere of the movie, enhancing every action-packed scene with its dynamic and pulse-pounding music.