The Forsaken: Desert Vampires Soundtrack (

The Forsaken: Desert Vampires Soundtrack (2001) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

Desert Vampires

Title in Português:

The Forsaken

Title in Français:

Les vampires du désert


A young man on a cross-country business trip through the Arizona desert picks up a hitchhiker who happens to be a vampire hunter and thus gets himself embroiled in the vampire hunt. His fate gets even more complicated when the hunter takes along with them a woman who is recently bitten by the vampire leader.

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The Forsaken: Desert Vampires
Max Collins: Writer
Eve 6: Performer
Star Spangled Banner
Francis Scott Key: Writer
Udi Harpaz: Arrangement
Diggin This
Chad Kroeger: Writer
Nickelback: Performer
Dez Fafara: Writer
Coal Chamber: Performer
Water from the Well
Teresa James: Performer
Johnny Lee Schell: Writer
I Can Tell
Max Cavalera: Writer
Soulfly: Performer
Enter Sandman
Kirk Hammett: Writer
Johnathon Schaech: Performer
Who's Your Uncle
Kid Rock: Writer
Uncle Kracker: Performer
Hold Out Your Hand
Chad Kroeger: Writer
Nickelback: Performer