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Tags: afterlife, utopia
Alternate Names:
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The Good Place

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The Good Place

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The Good Place

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The Good Place

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The Good Place

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The Good Place


American Eleanor Shellstrop has just passed away, her spirit's final resting place being "the good place" (as opposed to "the bad place" where most go after they die). Spirits in the good place live in specially designed neighborhoods - Michael being the architect of Eleanor's neighborhood - with a small group of the best of other good spirits.

All spirits are paired with soul mates, Eleanor's being a Senagalese ethicist named Chidi Anagonye. The entire situation is meant to be paradise for the residents, but this Eleanor Shellstrop is not the Eleanor Shellstrop Michael believes her to be, this Eleanor was selfish and self-absorbed, an attitude she takes into the good place.

Based partly on what little she knows about the bad place, Eleanor wants to stay in the good place, which means that she is constantly looking over her shoulder so as not to be caught as a fraud, specifically by Michael. She also wants to turn her attitude around so that she deserves to be there, which she hopes to do with the help of her soul mate.

But if Eleanor does not belong in the neighborhood, what else could be wrong with the good place?".

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The Good Place
The Good Place - Main Theme
Right Here Waiting
Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By
Bad Case of You
I Wish You Were Here
Sitting In Limbo
Green Light - Chromeo Remix
Break Free
Are You Ready For A Miracle?
What A Wonderful World - Single Version
At Last

User reviews

Jennifer Rodriguez

The score of The Good Place skillfully incorporates elements of various genres, from classical to electronic, contributing to the show's eclectic and dynamic nature.

William Nelson

Overall, the soundtrack of The Good Place is a delightful and essential component of the series, enhancing the viewing experience and adding an extra layer of emotional resonance to the already captivating storyline.

Ashley Lewis

The eclectic mix of genres and styles in The Good Place soundtrack keeps the audience engaged and intrigued throughout the series. From upbeat and energetic tracks to haunting and melancholic melodies, the music complements the diverse range of emotions explored in the show.

Ashley Young

On the other hand, the somber and emotional melodies that accompany the more introspective scenes evoke a sense of depth and poignancy, enhancing the storytelling and character development.

Charles Lopez

The soundtrack of The Good Place perfectly captures the whimsical and otherworldly atmosphere of the show, adding depth to each scene with its unique blend of instruments and melodies.

Edward Lopez

The use of different musical themes for each character in The Good Place helps to highlight their individual personalities and motivations, enriching the storytelling and character development.

John Lopez

The Good Place soundtrack truly captures the whimsical and otherworldly essence of the show's unique concept. The use of quirky instruments and playful melodies perfectly reflect the surreal setting of the good place.

Dorothy Phillips

The soundtrack of The Good Place is a true masterpiece that perfectly captures the whimsical and otherworldly atmosphere of the show.

Andrew Anderson

The original compositions in The Good Place are both memorable and evocative, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and enhancing the overall impact of the show.

Michael White

The musical choices in The Good Place demonstrate a keen attention to detail and a thoughtful approach to enhancing the narrative, making it a standout aspect of the series.

Daniel Brown

The soundtrack of The Good Place seamlessly transitions between light-hearted and more serious tones, reflecting the show's ability to balance comedy with deeper philosophical themes.

Daniel Clark

The music in The Good Place effectively enhances the emotional impact of key moments, whether it be moments of humor, drama, or introspection, creating a more immersive viewing experience.

Richard Young

The use of upbeat and whimsical music during comedic moments adds an extra layer of charm to the series, making it even more enjoyable to watch.

Deborah Turner

Overall, the soundtrack of The Good Place is a vital and integral part of the show's identity, contributing significantly to its charm, emotional resonance, and overall success.

Matthew Young

The music in The Good Place effectively enhances the emotional depth of the characters and their relationships. The subtle nuances in the soundtrack help convey the internal struggles and growth of each character, adding another layer of complexity to the storytelling.

Patricia King

The diversity of musical styles and genres in the soundtrack is also commendable, as it reflects the eclectic mix of characters and themes present in the show, creating a rich and immersive listening experience for viewers.