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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Killer

Title in Italiano:

The Killer

Title in Português:

The Killer


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), India, has been made aware of a killer cab-driver in Malaysia who killed several people in a matter of hours, and then crashed his taxi and killed himself. The same think happened again, this time in Hong Kong, several people were killed by another cab-driver, who also ended up being killed. Now Ranvir Oberoi of the CBI is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, working together with Dubai Police to protect several witnesses who have agreed to testify against notorious Dubai-based Don, Jabbar. Then the unexpected happens when at first Malika, a witness against Jabbar, gets killed; then Mussa, another witness's girlfriend is killed, with Mussa, himself, missing. Dubai police who are carrying out video surveillance of Jabbar's palatial mansion find that a Cabby, of Indian origin, Nikhil Joshi, was seen entering his estate's gates, and witnesses had stated that they had seen his taxi outside the site of recent murders. The Police race, not only to protect, the remaining three witnesses, Kamaal Khan, Akbar Sheikh, and cabaret dancer, Priya, but also attempt to apprehend this killer, before he kills everyone on his list, and ends up killing himself.

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