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Rating: 7.40/10 from 10000 votes
Tags: spoiled child, sauna, shaving chest, bare chested male shaving, man widow
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Nosotros los Nobles

Title in Italiano:

Die Kinder des Señor Noble

Title in Português:

Die Kinder des Señor Noble

Title in Français:

Nosotros los Nobles

Title in Türk:

Nosotros los Nobles

Title in Deutsch:

Die Kinder des Señor Noble


We Are the Nobles

Germán Noble (Gonzalo Vega), a recently widowed millionaire, after having a pre-heart attack, realizes his two sons, Javi and Cha (Luis Gerardo Méndez & Juan Pablo Gil) and daughter Bárbara (Karla Souza) don't know how to make their own way in the real world. He decides to pull off a charade where he says he's broken and his former partners are after him, so they go hiding into Germán's father's old house, a little place in a poor neighborhood.

While living here, German tells his kids they will have to be more independent, get jobs, and earn their own money. With the help of their maid's nephew, Lucho, they get jobs as a bus driver, a bank employee, and a waitress. As days go by, Javi, Cha and Barbara, learn to appreciate what they have earned and even grow fond of their job mates. So, the Noble family starts being a more united one, where all four of them will know each other better than any other time.

Germán's plan is working until it's compromised by Peter (Juan Carlos Gascón), Bárbara's boyfriend, who attempts to bribe Germán by putting an end to his whole charade, unless he allows Barbara to marry him, and give him a part of the family's inheritance. Unable to say yes to these terms, Germán tells the truth to his kids, who get mad at him, and yet, go back to their working, independent lives. After Germán asks them to forgive him, they all four have learned a lesson.

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The Noble Family
Blame it on the Boogie (Será que no me amas)
Mick Jackson: Writer
No te quiero
Las Niñas: Performer
Overture of 'Die Hochzeit des Figaro'
Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 3, 3. Satz Allegro
Overture of 'Die Hochzeit des Figaro'

User reviews

Thomas Lopez

The music in The Noble Family effectively sets the tone for each scene, whether it's a lighthearted moment of family bonding or a tense confrontation between characters.

Brian Moore

The soundtrack of The Noble Family perfectly captures the comedic and heartwarming moments of the film, enhancing the emotional impact of the story.

Patricia Hall

One opinion negative about the band sonora of The Noble Family is that I found it to be quite generic and uninspired. The music didn't seem to add much to the scenes or enhance the emotional impact of the story. It felt like background noise rather than a memorable and engaging soundtrack.

Joshua Phillips

The score of The Noble Family skillfully mirrors the characters' personal growth throughout the story, creating a cohesive and engaging listening experience.

Ashley Brown

The soundtrack of The Noble Family also excels in creating a sense of unity and familial bond through its melodies. The uplifting and heartwarming tunes mirror the evolution of the Noble family as they learn to appreciate each other and work together towards a common goal. The music becomes a character of its own, weaving through the narrative and elevating the emotional impact of the story.

Robert Wright

One of the most striking aspects of The Noble Family soundtrack is its ability to capture the emotional journey of the characters. The music seamlessly transitions from moments of lighthearted comedy to more poignant and introspective scenes, enhancing the storytelling and resonating with the audience on a deeper level.

Thomas Nelson

Overall, the soundtrack of The Noble Family is a standout feature of the film, enriching the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impression with its memorable melodies and emotional resonance.

Mary Wright

I found the use of traditional Mexican music in the soundtrack of The Noble Family to be a refreshing touch, adding cultural authenticity to the film's narrative.

Donald Scott

Another negative opinion I have about the band sonora of The Noble Family is that I found some of the musical choices to be mismatched with the tone of the movie. There were moments where the music felt out of place or inappropriate, which detracted from the overall viewing experience. It seemed like the soundtrack was not well thought out or carefully curated to complement the narrative.