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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Park

Title in Italiano:

The Park

Title in Português:

The Park


"The Park" is a documentary film about a neighborhood city park and how its existence effects the people who visit the park and the employees who work there. The story is set in a particular local city park (to symbolize urban parks everywhere) and takes the audience on a journey inside this park and what it means to the people and its surrounding community.

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The Park
Central in My Heart
Heiress to a Fortune
Own It
Poops I'll Pick Up
Shampagne Was My Best Friend
Central to My Plot
Weirdos Make Great Superheroes
Make 'Em Pay
Weirdos Make Great Superheroes Reprise
Do It While We Can
Momma's Got This
Momma's Got This Reprise
Don't Think About the Failures
Birdie Busking
The Park Is Mine
Garbage Ballet
I'm the Worst
Manager to Manager
Rats – End Credits
Spoiler Alert
If There's a Will
Method to This Madness
If There's a Will Reprise
If There’s a Will – End Credits
First Class Hands
Too Close
Show Up
What Could Go Wrong?
Nuts Nuts Nuts
Big Deal
Can We Do Today Again?
Can We Do Today Again? Reprise
I'm in a Perfect Relationship
Imperfectly Perfect
I’m in a Perfect Relationship – End Credits
Live It Up Tonight
Zoom’s Home Alone 2 Deleted Scenes Tour
Rated Hard PG, for Spookiness
I Did Not Account for This
Live It Up Tonight – End Credits
New York Doesn't Like Your Face
Dick Flake
Die Trying