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The Red Line Soundtrack (1982) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Red Line

Title in Italiano:

The Red Line

Title in Português:

The Red Line


During the Islamic revolution a SAVAK member Amani marries a woman her name Laleh. Laleh is a doctor and helps the injures of the revolution. Her brother is too involved in the revolution. Amani reports him to the authorities but Laleh becomes suspicious of him and begins to investigate about him. Finally Amani is getting killed and Laleh is saved by Jamal.

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The Red Line
Journey to the Line
Lover's Tears
Theme from Enter the Dragon - Main Title
The Monk
The Gentle Softness
The Big Battle
Han's Island
The Human Fly
Bamboo Bird Cage
Broken Mirrors
Theme from Enter the Dragon - Reprise
Lead the Way
Young Raya and Namaari
Search for the Last Dragon
Into the Shipwreck
Enter the Dragon
Fleeing from Tail
Captain Boun
Journey to Talon
Sisu Swims
Dragon Graveyard
Escape from Talon
Noi and the Ongis
Being People Is Hard
Spine Showdown
Running on Raindrops
Plans of Attack
Brothers and Sisters
The Meeting
Storming Fang
The Druun Close In
The New World
Vaaren Vaaren Seemaraja - From "Seemaraja"
Jithu Jilladi - From "Theri"
Neruppu Da - From "Kabali"
Guleba - From "Gulaebaghavali"
Aathadi - From "Natpe Thunai"
Atchi Putchi - From "Sketch"
Hero Intro - From "Thaarai Thappattai"
Kalakkalu Mr. Localu - From "Mr. Local"
Mavanae Yaarukittae - From "Dhilluku Dhuddu 2"
Athiradi - From "Irumbuthirai"
Karukku Kallangolu - From "Neruppuda"
Naan Yaarumilla - From "Tamizh Padam 2"
Jagadhammaa - From "Kaashmora"
Boss Boss - From "Boss (A) Baskaran"