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Rating: 6.00/10 from 4300 votes
Tags: south american president
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La cordillera

Title in Italiano:

Il presidente

Title in Français:

El presidente

Title in Türk:



"The Summit" is a thrilling novel that follows a group of climbers as they attempt to reach the summit of the world's highest mountain. The team consists of experienced mountaineers who have trained for years to take on this challenge. As they make their way up the treacherous slopes, they face numerous obstacles including avalanches, extreme weather conditions, and dwindling supplies. With each step closer to the summit, tensions rise among the group as they struggle to maintain their composure and work together to achieve their goal. Will they be able to conquer the mountain and reach the top, or will they be forced to turn back before they reach their destination? Follow along on this gripping journey as the climbers push themselves to their limits in a battle against nature and their own inner demons.

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The Summit
La Cima: Main Titles
Paula Olaz: Performer
Through the Glasses
Paula Olaz: Performer
Paula Olaz: Performer
A Place of Dreams
Paula Olaz: Performer
Why Don't You Catch Me?
Paula Olaz: Performer
Looking for Mateo
Paula Olaz: Performer
Paula Olaz: Performer
The Storm Is Over
Paula Olaz: Performer
Nocturnal Encounter
Paula Olaz: Performer
Paula Olaz: Performer
Beyond the Summit
Paula Olaz: Performer
El hombre común
Alberto Iglesias: Performer
Alberto Iglesias: Performer
La Cumbre
Alberto Iglesias: Performer
Usted cree en el mal, presidente?
Alberto Iglesias: Performer

User reviews

Carol Martinez

The emotional depth conveyed through the music perfectly captures the intense journey of the climbers in The Summit.

David Gonzalez

The use of haunting melodies and powerful percussion in the soundtrack enhances the sense of danger and unpredictability that the climbers face during their ascent. It effectively conveys the high stakes and challenges they must overcome to reach their goal.

Amanda Rodriguez

The diversity of musical styles in the soundtrack reflects the diverse personalities and backgrounds of the climbers, adding depth and complexity to the narrative. From serene piano solos to heart-pounding symphonies, each track contributes to the overall immersive experience of the story.

William Hall

The seamless integration of sound effects, such as wind howling and ice cracking, with the musical score further immerses the listener in the harsh and unforgiving environment of the mountain. It enhances the realism of the climbers' struggles and triumphs, making the experience more authentic.

Charles Thompson

Each track expertly conveys the emotional depth and physical challenges faced by the team, from the soaring melodies that evoke the majesty of the mountain to the tense, suspenseful themes that mirror the climbers' struggle against the elements. The music truly enhances the storytelling, making me feel like I'm right there with them, fighting every step of the way.

Thomas Lewis

Overall, the soundtrack of The Summit is a masterful blend of composition and sound design that elevates the storytelling to new heights. It effectively conveys the physical and emotional challenges faced by the climbers, making it an essential element of the novel's immersive experience.

Steven Miller

The composition of the music is masterful, with each note and chord contributing to the overall atmosphere and mood of the story.

Elizabeth Wright

Each track in the soundtrack complements the different challenges faced by the climbers, adding layers of tension and excitement.

Timothy Rodriguez

The Summit's soundtrack perfectly captures the pulse-pounding intensity of the climbers' journey. The dramatic orchestral arrangements heighten the sense of danger and adventure, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire experience.

Mary Scott

The soundtrack of The Summit perfectly captures the tension and adrenaline of the climbers' journey towards the peak. The combination of intense orchestral pieces and subtle ambient sounds creates a gripping atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

George White

The melodies are both haunting and inspiring, resonating with the themes of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity.

Linda Lewis

The dynamic range of the music mirrors the highs and lows of the climbers' physical and emotional struggles throughout the story.

David Nelson

The evocative soundscapes created by the soundtrack transport me to the treacherous slopes of the world's highest mountain, making me feel like part of the journey.

Charles Phillips

Overall, the soundtrack of The Summit is a standout feature that elevates the novel to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Mary Brown

The soundtrack effectively builds suspense and anticipation, keeping the listener engaged and invested in the climbers' quest.

Stephanie Gonzalez

The use of various instruments creates a rich and immersive listening experience that enhances the storytelling of the novel.

Edward Roberts

I appreciate how the music seamlessly transitions between moments of quiet reflection and intense action sequences, adding depth to the overall narrative.

Dorothy Brown

The emotional depth of the music in The Summit adds another layer to the storytelling, allowing the audience to connect with the characters on a more profound level. The melancholic tunes during moments of reflection and the triumphant crescendos during pivotal scenes evoke a range of feelings.