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Rating: 5.80/10 from 23000 votes
Tags: african american protagonist, black romance
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

En qué piensan los hombres 2

Title in Italiano:

La guerra dei sessi

Title in Português:

Elas Querem Pensar como Eles


Cedric (Kevin Hart) begins by saying how Las Vegas has always been a place for casinos and showgirls, and is the perfect place for couples to get married. Cedric and his friends are all in Las Vegas for the wedding of Michael (Terrence J) and Candace (Regina Hall), with her son Duke (Caleel Harris) and mother (Angela Gibbs) joining them.

Zeke (Romany Malco) and Mya (Meagan Good) arrive, with Zeke's womanizing past constantly being brought up by old friends and former flames, including the concierge at the hotel, who throws her drink in his face. Bennett (Gary Owen) and his wife Tish (Wendi McLendon-Covey) are trying to get a spark back in their marriage. Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara) and Kristen (Gabrielle Union) have married and are now trying for a baby. Dominic (Michael Ealy) and Lauren (Taraji P. Henson) are reunited after spending time away from each other, and they make out in the limousine.

Finally, Cedric pulls up to the hotel in a gaudy sports car, happily getting away from his wife Gail (Wendy Williams). The men and women separate to enjoy their day. Cedric books himself a lavish suite and intends to go all out for a wild weekend.

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Play Title Artist
Think Like a Man Too
Luck Be a Lady
Frank Sinatra: Performer
Frank Loesser: Writer
Le Freak
Bernard Edwards: Writer
Atomic Dog
Baby Baby Come On
This Little Light of Mine
Healing Hands
I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
Tonight (Best You Ever Had)
Do Me!
Too Legit to Quit
Give It 2 U
Never Too Much
Fist Pump Jump Jump
Boom Boom (Turn It Up)
For the Love of Money
Between the Sheets
Dance Apocalyptic
Big Spender
I'm Out
The Men All Pause
A Night to Remember
White Lines
Poison (Think Like a Man Too Remix)
Macho Man
Give It to Me Baby
Sexy and I Know It
It's Raining Men
Jump, Jive an' Wail
Danger Ahead
Dragnet March
Moment of Love
Family Feud Theme
Vegas Nights
Gimme Your Love
Matt Rad: Performer
I'm Out
Ciara: Performer
The Lights
Matt Rad: Performer
It's Raining Men
Paul Jabara: Performer
Jump, Jive an' Wail
Louis Prima: Performer

User reviews

James Brown

The seamless integration of music into key scenes helped to elevate the storytelling and create a more immersive viewing experience.

Laura Adams

Overall, the soundtrack of Think Like a Man Too elevates the viewing experience by enhancing the narrative, characters, and setting with its well-chosen and well-executed musical selections.

Margaret Hernandez

Overall, the soundtrack of Think Like a Man Too fell short of creating a memorable and impactful viewing experience, failing to leave a lasting impression on me as a viewer.

Daniel Martinez

The use of upbeat and catchy songs in the film's soundtrack enhances the comedic moments and adds an extra layer of entertainment to the overall experience.

Timothy Davis

I found the soundtrack of Think Like a Man Too to be lackluster and uninspired. The music choices felt cliché and generic, failing to capture the excitement and energy of Las Vegas.

Michelle Robinson

The catchy tunes and infectious rhythms of the soundtrack made it impossible not to tap your foot or dance along while watching the movie.

Mark Evans

The soundtrack of Think Like a Man Too perfectly captures the fun and energetic atmosphere of Las Vegas, setting the tone for a wild and exciting adventure.

Ronald Lee

The romantic ballads in the soundtrack beautifully complemented the love stories unfolding among the characters, enhancing the emotional impact of the film.

Joshua Johnson

The integration of popular tracks with original score pieces in the soundtrack strikes a good balance between familiarity and freshness, engaging the audience throughout the movie.

Anthony Mitchell

The memorable melodies from the soundtrack stayed with me long after the movie ended, serving as a delightful reminder of the fun and heartwarming moments from Think Like a Man Too.

David Jackson

The diversity of music genres featured in the soundtrack reflects the different personalities and dynamics of the characters, creating a well-rounded listening experience.

Joseph Perez

The soundtrack of Think Like a Man Too perfectly captures the lively and fun atmosphere of Las Vegas, setting the tone for a wild and entertaining story.

Nancy Jackson

The soundtrack effectively complements the romantic storylines in the film, adding emotional depth and resonance to key moments between the couples.

James Lopez

The blend of upbeat and energetic tracks in the soundtrack enhances the comedic moments in the film, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall experience.

Deborah Miller

The use of music in key scenes, such as Cedric's arrival in the gaudy sports car, creates memorable and impactful moments that stay with the audience long after the movie ends.

Sarah Adams

The diverse range of musical genres included in the soundtrack added depth and richness to the overall listening experience.

Richard Lee

The songs seemed disconnected from the plot and characters, making it difficult to emotionally connect with the film. The music did not enhance the scenes or add depth to the storytelling, leaving me feeling underwhelmed and disengaged.

Nancy Taylor

The upbeat and energetic vibe of the band's soundtrack perfectly captured the celebratory mood of a Las Vegas wedding weekend.