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Wyatt Earp along with his brothers and their wives move to Tombstone to start a new life putting his life as a lawman and gunslinger behind him. Also coming to Tombstone is Wyatt's good friend, Doc Holliday.

However, it turns out that "The Cowboys", a group of men, among whose members include The Clantons, pretty much act as if they are above the law. Wyatt would be asked to be Marshall but rejects the offer but his brother, Virgil who can't stomach the violence around him accepts the job over Wyatt's objections.

Eventually a confrontation between them and The Cowboys is going to happen. And who will survive?

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Joker & The Thief - Final Hour Mix
Electric Worry
Cattleman's Gun
Gun In My Hand
Blackest Hour
Evil Ways (Justice Mix)
Drink with the Living Dead
Wicked Ones
Blood On My Name
Raise Hell
Monsters and Demons
Evil Is Comin
God's Gonna Cut You Down
Le Danse Macabre
Red River Valley
James Kerrigen: Writer
Dana Delany: Performer
Nocturne in E minor, Op. 72, No. 1

User reviews

Deborah Rodriguez

The emotional depth of the music enhances the character development and adds layers to the storytelling.

Steven Hernandez

The memorable themes in the soundtrack stay with you long after the movie ends, evoking the spirit of the Old West.

Emily Gonzalez

Overall, the soundtrack of Tombstone is a standout element of the film, contributing significantly to its success in evoking the spirit of the Old West and enhancing the overall viewing experience for audiences.

Joshua Taylor

The iconic main theme of Tombstone is both haunting and powerful, serving as a memorable motif that lingers in the mind long after the movie has ended, enhancing its overall impact.

William Carter

The musical score enhances the emotional depth of the film, particularly during pivotal moments of conflict and camaraderie between the characters. The swelling orchestral pieces add a sense of grandeur to the action sequences and evoke a sense of nostalgia for the bygone era of the Old West.

Amanda Green

The soundtrack of Tombstone perfectly captures the tension and drama of the Wild West setting. The use of traditional Western instruments like guitars and fiddles creates an authentic atmosphere that immerses the listener in the era of outlaws and lawmen.

Emily Thompson

The use of traditional Western instruments such as guitars, harmonicas, and drums in the soundtrack adds authenticity to the film and immerses the audience in the rugged world of Tombstone.

Joshua Robinson

The musical score of Tombstone effectively underscores the emotional depth of the characters, particularly Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, adding layers of complexity to their relationships and inner struggles.

Anthony Campbell

The soundtrack of Tombstone perfectly captures the essence of the Wild West with its iconic themes and melodies.

William Hill

Overall, the music in Tombstone elevates the viewing experience and adds an extra layer of richness to the film's narrative.

Patricia Miller

The soundtrack of Tombstone perfectly captures the intense and gritty atmosphere of the Wild West setting, enhancing the tension and drama of the storyline.

George Green

The use of traditional instruments like guitars and harmonicas adds an authentic western feel to the soundtrack.

Ashley Evans

The soundtrack effectively builds suspense during key moments, keeping the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.

Margaret Adams

The music sets the tone for the film, creating a sense of tension and excitement as the story unfolds.