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Nick Kang was an LAPD homicide detective, up until his indefinite suspension due to his "loose-cannon" style and multiple uses of excessive force and property damage. However, his old Chief has brought him back and offered him a job with the EOD (Elite Operations Division), a recently-founded special unit which has jurisdiction over all of Los Angeles. Now as the EOD's first field agent, Nick can use the same over-the-top methods that got him suspended in the first place to take on the City of Angels' toughest criminals. In a wide, branching storyline, he'll have to stop powerful Russian and Chinese crime syndicates by driving, fighting and shooting his way through the streets of LA.

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True Crime: Streets of LA
6 in the Morning
Ice-T: Writer
Ice-T: Performer
I'm Your Pusher
Ice-T: Performer
Curtis Mayfield: Writer
For tha Love of $
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Performer
Layzie Bone: Writer
Peace Sells
Dave Mustaine: Writer
Megadeth: Performer
Symphony of Destruction
Dave Mustaine: Writer
Megadeth: Performer
The Formula
Marvin Gaye: Writer
The D.O.C.: Performer
Taproot: Performer
Bootsy Collins: Writer
Deftones: Performer
Camilo Moreno: Writer
(Not Just) Knee Deep
George Clinton: Writer
Funkadelic: Performer
Alice in Chains: Performer
Them Bones
Alice in Chains: Performer
N.E.R.D.: Performer
The Only
Static-X: Performer
Cali Folks
Mo' Money
Ai: Writer
Ai: Performer