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Rating: 7.80/10 from 145 votes
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Téo Frank was just 18 and an aspiring director when he decided to try his luck at filmmaking on the other side of the Atlantic. After a series of encounters and experiences, his trip took a turn when he crossed paths with photographer Mason Strehl in Alaska. Their encounter took him to New York where he got the chance to work with underground Hip Hop artist Awon, Phoniks, Tiff the Gift, and Dephlow. From this adventure a documentary was born called UNDERDOGS. Who are the rappers in this film? Téo didn't know them when he began, and never dreamed their encounter would change his life the way it did.

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(Don't Fear) The Reaper
Black Magic Woman - Single Version
All Along the Watchtower
Fortunate Son
Sweet Home Alabama
Black Betty
Start Me Up - Remastered
Let's Dance - 2018 Remaster
Space Oddity - 2015 Remaster
California Dreamin' - Single Version

User reviews

Joshua Perez

Overall, the soundtrack of Underdogs is a testament to the transformative power of music, highlighting the inspiring journey of the filmmakers and the artists they collaborated with.

Thomas Williams

The collaboration between Téo Frank and the featured rappers in Underdogs resulted in a soundtrack that feels genuine and heartfelt.

Edward Martinez

The soundtrack of Underdogs is a refreshing departure from mainstream music, offering a glimpse into the world of independent artists and their struggles.

Joshua Wilson

The soundtrack of Underdogs perfectly captures the essence of the underground Hip Hop scene with its raw and authentic beats.

Steven Lee

Each track in the film's soundtrack brings a unique flavor to the overall storytelling, blending seamlessly with the narrative created by Téo Frank.

James Harris

The emotional depth and storytelling in the lyrics of the songs make the soundtrack of Underdogs a truly immersive experience.

Jennifer White

Each track in the soundtrack showcases the unique style and talent of the featured rappers, such as Awon, Phoniks, Tiff the Gift, and Dephlow.

Stephanie Rodriguez

The production quality of the soundtrack is top-notch, showcasing the talent and dedication of both the rappers and the producers involved in the project.

Donald King

The soundtrack of Underdogs adds depth and emotion to the documentary, enhancing the viewer's connection to the story being told.

Amanda Baker

The use of different musical styles and influences in the soundtrack adds layers of complexity and richness to the overall listening experience.

Dorothy Wright

The music in Underdogs not only complements the visuals but also serves as a powerful storytelling tool, enhancing the impact of the documentary.

Ronald Garcia

The soundtrack of Underdogs is a testament to the power of collaboration and creative expression, showcasing the talent and dedication of all those involved.

Andrew Hernandez

The collaboration between the rappers and the filmmakers is evident in how well the music complements the visuals of the documentary.

Matthew Brown

Overall, the soundtrack of Underdogs is a standout piece of work that deserves recognition for its creativity and originality.

Joshua Allen

I appreciate how the music in Underdogs reflects the journey of self-discovery and artistic growth experienced by the filmmakers and the artists involved.

Ashley Walker

The soundtrack of Underdogs captures the raw essence of underground Hip Hop, showcasing the authentic talent of artists like Awon, Phoniks, Tiff the Gift, and Dephlow.

George Williams

The rappers featured in Underdogs bring a refreshing perspective to the Hip Hop scene, and their music resonates with authenticity and passion.

Daniel Lopez

The fusion of different musical styles in the film's soundtrack creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience.