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Rating: 7.40/10 from 37000 votes
Tags: first crush, junior high school
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Fuga dalla scuola media

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Welcome to the Dollhouse


Welcome to the Dollhouse

Seventh grade Benjamin Franklin Junior High School student Dawn Wiener is a social outcast who wants to be liked. At school, she is often bullied and called Wiener Dog. The other social outcasts don't want to associate with her. Her teachers don't even seem to like her. And at home, her parents, especially her mother, favor Dawn's younger sister, the ballerina princess-like Missy, or Dawn's older brother, the nerdish Mark, who at least has a focus on the goal of getting into a good college. Because of this lack of attention at home, Dawn will often use the bullying tactics used on her by others on Missy, which gets her into even more trouble with her parents.

Dawn's want for social acceptance leads her quietly fostering the attention of one of her primary school bullies, Brandon McCarthy, a boy from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks who always threatens to rape her. But Dawn's focus on Brandon lessens when Mark enlists the services of older popular student Steve Rodgers for his mediocre band (in exchange for help at school). Because he doesn't shun her, Dawn works toward the goal of getting Steve to be her boyfriend.

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Welcome to the Dollhouse
Waltz in A flat, Opus 69, No. 1.
Sweet Candy
Jill Wisoff: Performer
Daniel Rey: Sung
Joel Diamond: Produced
The Nutcracker Suite
Evening of Desire
Bobby Steele: Performer
Get It While You Can
Jill Wisoff: Performer
Carnival of the Animals
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Solveig's Song
Lost in Your Eyes
Happy Anniversary
Swan Lake
The Hummingbird Anthem
Welcome to the Dollhouse (Theme) (Daniel Rey)
Jill Wisoff: Performer
Sweet Candy (Daniel Rey)
Jill Wisoff: Performer
Welcome To The Dollhouse (Daniel Rey)
Jill Wisoff: Performer
Throb (The Con Artists)
Jill Wisoff: Performer
For Real (Chris Temple)
Jill Wisoff: Performer
Happy Anniversary (Daniel Rey)
Jill Wisoff: Performer
Love Will Find a Way (Dana White / Mike Moran)
Jill Wisoff: Performer
A Veenu Shalom Aleichem (Daniel Rey)
Jill Wisoff: Performer
Evening of Desire (The Undead)
Jill Wisoff: Performer
Masquerade (Daniel Rey)
Jill Wisoff: Performer
O! What a Dream It Was (Future Bible Heroes)
Jill Wisoff: Performer

User reviews

Anthony Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Welcome to the Dollhouse perfectly captures the bleak and awkward atmosphere of Dawn Wiener's life as a social outcast. The use of minimalist and dissonant music enhances the feelings of isolation and discomfort experienced by the protagonist, making the audience empathize with her struggles.

Dorothy Scott

The emotional depth of the music enhances the viewer's connection to Dawn's character and journey.

Stephanie Jones

The soundtrack of Welcome to the Dollhouse perfectly captures the angst and loneliness of the main character, Dawn Wiener.

Karen Scott

The use of unconventional sounds and melodies in the soundtrack adds depth and complexity to the storytelling.

Kenneth Thompson

The soundtrack creates a sense of isolation and alienation, which resonates with Dawn's experiences as a social outcast.

Elizabeth Hernandez

The music effectively conveys Dawn's inner turmoil and conflicting emotions throughout the film.

Susan Baker

The music perfectly complements the raw and authentic performances of the actors, adding another layer of emotion to the story.

Michelle King

The soundtrack of Welcome to the Dollhouse felt disjointed and out of touch with the emotional depth of the film. The music choices did not enhance the scenes or evoke the intended feelings, making it difficult to connect with the characters' struggles.

Amanda Martin

On the other hand, some tracks in the soundtrack feel repetitive and uninspired, failing to bring any new emotional depth to the story. The lack of variety in musical styles and tones at times detracts from the overall impact of the film, making certain scenes feel dull and monotonous.

Ashley Campbell

The soundtrack evokes a sense of nostalgia and melancholy, enhancing the overall mood of the film.

Thomas White

The music enhances the awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere of the film, making the viewer feel the same tension and unease as Dawn.

John Anderson

I found the repetitive use of certain musical motifs in the soundtrack of Welcome to the Dollhouse to be monotonous and uninspired. It lacked variety and failed to create a dynamic atmosphere that could have enriched the storytelling.