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Rating: 7.80/10 from 253000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

¿A quién ama Gilbert Grape?

Title in Italiano:

Buon compleanno Mr. Grape


Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom's follow-up to the underrated Once Around earned far more attention than its predecessor thanks to the judicious casting of perennial thinking woman's heartthrob Johnny Depp and a certain up-and-coming thespian by the name of Leonardo DiCaprio.

A prisoner of his dysfunctional family's broken dreams in tiny Endora, IA, Gilbert (Depp) serves as breadwinner and caretaker for his mother and siblings following his father's suicide and his older brother's defection.

Momma (Darlene Cates) is a morbidly obese shut-in who hasn't left the house in seven years; her children include Arnie (DiCaprio), who's about to turn 18 despite a host of negative medical forecasts, and terminally embarrassed Ellen (Mary Kate Schellhardt), who's emerging from an awkward adolescence.

When he's not taking care of the difficult but tender Arnie, Gilbert spends his time fixing up the family's tattered farmhouse, working at a failing mom-and-pop grocery store and hanging with local misfits Bobby (Crispin Glover), an overly ambitious junior undertaker, and Tucker (John C. Reilly), a handyman who hankers after a job at the new burger franchise.

Into this complicated but essentially unchanging social universe steps Becky (Juliette Lewis), a thoughtful young woman who's been escorting her nomadic grandmother from state to state in a mobile-home caravan.

As Becky teaches Gilbert to finally consider his own happiness for a change, she disrupts both his family obligations and his long-running affair with a lonely housewife (Mary Steenburgen).

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What's Eating Gilbert Grape
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User reviews

Kimberly Thompson

The music enhances the intimate moments between the characters, adding a layer of authenticity to their relationships.

Mary Garcia

The soundtrack of What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece that perfectly captures the emotional depth of the film. Each track enhances the storytelling, from the melancholic piano melodies to the sweeping orchestral arrangements.

Ronald Perez

The blending of different musical styles in the soundtrack mirrors the diversity of personalities in the story, creating a rich and engaging listening experience.

Amanda Campbell

Each track seems to speak to the heart of the characters, creating a powerful connection between the audience and the film.

Nancy Baker

The music did not effectively enhance the atmosphere or emotional impact of key scenes in the film. Instead of elevating the storytelling, the soundtrack felt disconnected and uninspired, failing to create a strong emotional connection with the audience.

Sarah Lopez

The music in the film adds an extra layer of poignancy to the already powerful narrative, creating a truly immersive experience for the audience. The way the soundtrack complements the performances of Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio is nothing short of exceptional, elevating their portrayals of complex characters struggling with their own internal conflicts.

Paul Robinson

Anthony Lopez

The soundtrack for What's Eating Gilbert Grape lacked diversity and emotional depth. It failed to capture the complexity of the characters' struggles and relationships, resulting in a superficial and forgettable listening experience.

Brian Phillips

The score effectively conveys the internal struggles of Gilbert as he navigates his responsibilities and desires.

Stephanie Miller

The soundtrack's lack of memorable melodies or standout tracks made it difficult to distinguish one piece of music from another. This resulted in a bland and unremarkable musical accompaniment that failed to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Brian Turner

The soundtrack's use of subtle melodies and poignant themes beautifully complements the small-town setting of Endora, IA.

John Miller

The emotional depth of the soundtrack perfectly captures the complex family dynamics portrayed in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.