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Rating: 6.20/10 from 14000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El hombre sin edad

Title in Italiano:

Un'altra giovinezza

Title in Português:

Uma Segunda Juventude

Title in Français:

L'homme sans âge

Title in Türk:

Geç gelen gençlik

Title in Deutsch:

Jugend ohne Jugend


Christmas Eve, 1937, Piatra Neamt, Romania: Dominic Matei, a 70-year-old professor, contemplates suicide. The love of his life is dead, and he remains unable to complete his life's work on the origins of language.

On April 24th 1938, Easter Sunday, he takes a train to Bucharest to kill himself, but suddenly he's struck by lightning. After a slow recovery, he miraculously grows younger and gains superhuman powers.

WWII breaks out and Romania's fascist dictator Ion Antonescu cooperates with Adolf Hitler. Matei must escape to Switzerland, because Nazi scientists want to use his powers...

Some years later, he meets a woman who has her own passage through a lightning storm. Not only does Dominic find love again, but her new abilities hold the key to his research...

Coppola's adaptation of Mircea Eliade's surreal novella is a mysterious, romantic, melancholic and humorous journey to the outer limits of space, time and identity. Dreams become reality and reality feels like a dream...

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Youth Without Youth
Middle Village
Lev Zhurbin: Writer
Lev Zhurbin: Performer
Yo Sin Ti (Me without You)
Lev Zhurbin: Performer

User reviews

William Wright

The haunting melodies and atmospheric soundscapes evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue, perfectly complementing the film's dream-like narrative. The music truly brings Mircea Eliade's surreal novella to life, adding an extra layer of depth to Coppola's adaptation.

Michael Carter

The orchestration in the soundtrack is masterful, creating a rich tapestry of sounds that elevates the emotional impact of the film's themes of love, loss, and rediscovery.

Daniel Johnson

The music seamlessly blends different emotions, ranging from melancholy to hope, mirroring the complex journey of the main character, Dominic Matei.

Karen Smith

Overall, the musical score of Youth Without Youth is a powerful and evocative companion to the film, enhancing the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Patricia Hernandez

The use of traditional Romanian sounds in the soundtrack adds a unique cultural touch that enhances the storytelling and immerses the audience in the setting of the film.

Betty Roberts

The soundtrack of Youth Without Youth perfectly captures the mysterious and romantic essence of the story. Each track immerses the listener in the melancholic and surreal world of Dominic Matei's journey.

Donald Wilson

Overall, the Youth Without Youth soundtrack is a mesmerizing and evocative musical journey that enhances the film's storytelling and leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Brian Brown

Each track in the soundtrack feels carefully crafted and thoughtfully placed to enhance key moments in the narrative, creating a truly immersive experience for the viewers.

Stephanie Williams

The hauntingly beautiful melodies in the Youth Without Youth soundtrack perfectly capture the mysterious and surreal atmosphere of the film.

Emily Thomas

The soundtrack's ability to evoke a sense of timelessness and transcendence perfectly complements the film's exploration of identity, space, and the passage of time.

Michelle Clark

The incorporation of traditional Romanian music elements adds authenticity to the setting and enriches the storytelling, giving the audience a sense of the cultural context in which the story unfolds.

Margaret Davis

The music enhances the melancholic tone of the story, evoking deep emotions and adding layers of complexity to the characters' experiences.

James Scott

The soundtrack of Youth Without Youth perfectly captures the mysterious and romantic elements of the film, immersing the listener in Dominic Matei's journey through time and space.

Laura Smith

The use of soundscapes and ambient textures in the soundtrack creates a dreamlike atmosphere that blurs the line between reality and imagination, mirroring the surreal nature of the film.

William Roberts

The music beautifully intertwines with the themes of time, identity, and love present in the film, enhancing the emotional depth of each scene and creating a truly immersive experience for the audience.