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Tags: bad actor
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Sin salida

Title in Português:

Identidade Secreta

Title in Français:

Identité secrète

Title in Türk:



The teenager Nathan feels outcast at home; has nightmares; and is shy. His father practices self-defense with him; he has consultations with the psychologist Dr. Bennett; and he has a crush on his classmate and next door neighbor Karen (Lily Collins). When he finds a website with photos of missing children with Karen, he suspects that he might have been adopted. He also contacts the site and the attendant locates him and calls Nikola Kozlow in Europe and the guy travels with his gang to USA. Soon his mother discloses that she is his foster mother but his parents are murdered by two criminals. Before dying, his father tells him to run away. He takes Karen to the hospital and Dr. Bennett tells him that he is in danger and gives an address in Pittsburgh to him with the names of two persons that he can trust. Now Nathan and Karen are hunted down by Kozlow and his men and also by the CIA. The teenagers do not know who is reliable and travel to the address Dr. Bennett gave to them.

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Come on Get It
Lenny Kravitz: Performer
Lenny Kravitz: Writer
Cobra Starship: Performer
Cobra Starship: Writer
Good Girl
Sandy Vee: Writer
Alexis Jordan: Performer
Novocaine Lips
Matthew Koma: Performer
Slave to Love
Bryan Ferry: Performer
Bryan Ferry: Writer
The Chorus
Donora: Performer
Donora: Writer
Blame It on the Boom Boom
Black Stone Cherry: Performer
Heart Attack
Raphael Saadiq: Performer
Raphael Saadiq: Writer
Loving You Tonight
Andrew Allen: Performer
Andrew Allen: Writer
To Be Loved
Train: Performer
Pat Monahan: Writer