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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Annaluise & Anton

Title in Italiano:

Annaluise & Anton


Pünktchen and Anton are closest friends. Being the daughter of a wealthy surgeon, young Pünktchen lives in a big house. Her mother, who always travels the world more for public relations reasons than for the social tasks she intends to fulfill, is never available to her as her mother. Anton, the son of an ailing single mother with financial problems, does everything he can to help her out by working late. Pünktchen decides to help her only friend (as no one else would anyway) and starts singing in public places. Trouble arises when Anton can't resist stealing a golden lighter and her parents find out about Pünktchen's secret life. Two struggling families may finally see the need to take action.

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Annaluise & Anton
Elea Geissler: Performer
Wie man Geister fängt
Gudrun Okras: Performer
Paroles, Paroles
Gianni Ferrio: Performer
Leo Chiosso: Italian lyrics
Dalida: Performer
Michaële: French lyrics
Ich bin kein Eskimo
Marika Kilius: Performer
La festa
La fuga
La luna gelosa
Rimini Twist